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It's Monday and the Fam just spent an adventurous time at the farm 'down the street' today. We really wanted to see the new pig in town but ended up only checking out the dairy farm. I am simply amazed at the process of miking a cow and the MASSIVENESS of the operation. They have nearly 40K cows and milk about 500 per hour! WOWZA! I thought my nursing woes were bad. SHeesh!

On to me, cause that's what I really want to talk about... I wanted to share some of the after pics from our hard work in the homestead. I seriously threw up on my poor neighbor and her mother the other day. Well, not literally but figuratively. They stopped in for a visit as their kind hubby's were installing some electric in my new craft room (yessss, I promise to share pics of that too) and I drug them through the entire house showing them my Pinterest projects gone wild tour! That's when I knew I had to blog about all thise goodness because I was beginning to embarrass myself with the neighbors! Eeek. 

Remember that list I posted yester-year. I think I might've included some before pics. Who am I kidding, I know I did. Check it out case you need a reminder.

Drumrolll... to goodness. It's my Bolden Family Command Center. Ahhh!! I could look at it over and over. 

Isn't she lovely?! 
 Now... remember what it looked like before?

You've come a long way baby!
 SO.. a few deets on this gem. First, I used an Ikea file holder for the mail monstrosity that comes to our house on a regular basis. I have a rant to unleash right quick... WHY do all of these non-profits send me stuff constantly?! They wouldn't need donations if they would chill with the printing on unnecessary items with the wrong names on them! Sheesh. End rant.

This file holder also includes the daily reports we get from LB's therapy. I am that mom that keeps EVERYTHING! So I needed a place to put them. I also kindly labeled everything so I know what goes where. Still working on a pen holder. Soon.

The plan for this spot on the wall was derived from the need for a calendar was for the fam and the nanny when I was working so we could keep with everything going on in appointments, etc. Now it serves the hubs and I on those days when he says "you never told me" and I know I did... he just wasn't listening. Marital Bliss. It's also nice to corral all that mail, receipts, coupons, bills, etc. Everything has a place.

Also included in this beautiful goodness is our weekly menu, grocery list, cleaning schedule and calendar. I found many of these great printables via Pinterest. When I can dig up the sources, I will share the individual pics of these. They make the space click, I think.

In addition to the gorgeous command center, we have the update laundry room as well. For the last 2 years I have been pregnant. Well for the better parts of them anyway. One of the first things I saw on Pinterest was the raised laundry shelf. I LOVED IT! My back begged for it. SO I put on my best kind face and begged my carpenter father-in-law to make it for me. When Ash was about 3-4 months old, he finished it. It is delightful and REALLY makes me hate laundry less. Now if someone could help me put it all away, I might be happy about it. MIGHT.

Baskets on the bottom and left from Michaels; top right, unknown

Simply Beautiful!
This is moving its way up to a higher place in my heart. Since I spend so much time in here, I have to like it. The Hubs painted it a charcoal gray for me. It's the same color as his Man Room - which I fell in love with and promptly suggested we paint the whole house this color. He sighed and we settled on the laundry room. I'll take any W! Booyah!

I'm still not finished with this space yet though. The back of the door is showing some signs of emergency as it's a hot mess! We had hooks on the right wall and a door too. We removed the door and took down the hooks when painting so all those contents found their way to the hooks on the back of the door.

Sideways.. ook... 

So while the list to this room gets smaller, it's still not complete and has yet another list of to do's.

  • Get storage unit for side wall
  • New dog bowl holders
  • Shelves or hooks for hanging items
  • Paint back door & steps to garage
To my husbands dismay, it never ends and the hamsters in my head keep on running. 

Until next time....


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