Projects, Smodjects

As I began to write the many posts on what we have been working on in the house, I ran across a before Honey-we-gotta-do list that I was going to share on this here blog. Ya see, in my mind, if you write it down, then share it, technically that's making it official. SOrt of like changing relationship status's on facebook. Didn't happen till you change it. Bahahaha...

Anyhoo, I am quite proud to say that I have accomplished most many of the things on this list. Check it, check it outtttttt! Yup, I feel a lil too cool to keep this cucumber contained!

Warning: this post may scare you. Especially if you are my husband. Read at your own risk.

So here's what I'm trying to accomplish during naptimes/anytime. Yup, I'm crazy and it might take a trillion years because I am working in such short time frames, but it's my only option until my kids learn what child labor is. Don't judge.

First, I gotta finish some stuff I've already started, many years ago in the past, like:
-The Laundry room: paint(ED) that eyesore, take down the wire shelving and add my command center, like a for-real one. Not the ghetto get-up I have there now. See below for the current monstrosity on our wall. Functional but FUG-ly!

Let me point out that this was a FIRST attempt and FREE!

-Basement: craft room started, hang drapes, clean, organize and decorate. I need a bigger space to work in. Heck, I need a space to work in at all. The hubs evicted me from the previous room to make a man-cave. Now I am on my own in the UNFINISHED basement. Bigger but not better. (WARNING: It's scary down there!)

-Garage: paint back door & steps, welcome sign & hang stuff on the walls to free up space. We are squeezing everything in our garage that will fit. But we don't fit in the cars and that's a prob with 2 small kiddos and a rainy day.

-Master bedroom closet.  Here's my plan. To spend nothing and make it awesome. No pressure. DONE!

Rooms I wanna redo:
-Living room: I'm painting our curtains. Yup, ballin' on a budget here folks. Making a lamp like this & pillows to toss about. Took a whole new route; use what you got and make it happen. check

-kitchen: fix gap in counter and touch up paint. I've done some cool organizing in this thing that I'll be sharing. It's my lil joy in life, a clear and clean cabinet.
-Master bedroom & bathroom: needs some attention. More to come as I map this one out in my busy and aching head.

-Garden: start one and keep it alive; Again. No Pressure! maybe next year
-Playroom: repaint, make & hang kid friendly art & curtains, get rid of furniture and get a new fan with a light

There are a few rooms that are already complete that I can share with ya. I am sure they will need an update by the time this post goes live, but that's the beauty of it all isn't it?:
-linen closet - or the lack thereof
-Ash's room
-girls' closets and how I organize kids cloths
-girls' bathroom
-garage organization - or lack thereof

Ok, that's a serious brain dump. Boy, do I feel better! Mind you, I'll be doin/did all this on little, and I mean L.I.T.T.L.E. to NO budget at all. Yikes! I'm in for it aren't I? It could be fun, stupidly stressful or impossible. Scratch That! Nothing's impossible. I'll prolly just have to redo it all again in a few months years. We shall see.

I'd love for you to join me on this journey as I transform our home into a comfortable oasis. One room at a time.

Until next time...


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