Baby Bolden Numero Dos!

You read it right! Leighton is going to be a big sister! Slated for January 12th, 2013. That makes me a little over 9 weeks.

We got the news in May but waited to go to the first doctor's visit. That little peanut was moving all around. Jay and I are overjoyed and so blessed to welcome another little one.

16 months apart in case you were doing the math. Yup, we have a whole new world approaching. Just in time for LB to gain some of her independence and mobility, we will add in a little weight to slow us down. Thank goodness there are 2 of us!

We have received a lot of questions...

Did you plan it to be so close? Yes, and no. We didn't plan either of them. But we didn't do anything to keep it from happening if that gives you a clear answer. Jay and I both wanted two kiddos. Let's face it, we aren't getting any younger either.

Will we do the testing to see if this baby has Ds? We plan on doing the pre-screening to see if we have any high levels in the blood first. If there is reason for concern, we will do the testing. Only because we want to be medically prepared for anything our little guy (wishful thinking on my part) needs.

Do you want a boy or girl? I would LOVE to have a boy so that we have one of each. But if it's a girl, I will love her just the same. Jay isn't partial to either and see's the benefits of a girl... 2 gals closer to his travel softball team.

Did you get a new Doctor?! HECK YEAH! This one is in Indiana so I won't get the lovely treatment of Prentice in Chicago. But I will sacrifice the luxury for a good and NICE doctor that believes in the birth of my child.

Jay and I are so grateful for our little growing family. Words can't express how happy we are. Naturally I am dealing with some anxiety because of the TERRIBLE surge of hormones. I see the light of the 2nd trimester approaching and welcome it with open arms.

Until next time...


  1. So exciting!! Congrats Shona! Leighton is going to be such a great big sister :)

  2. Oh my goodness., CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. When Nate told me the other day about your news I was so excited for you guys. Congratulations. Here's to hoping it is a boy b/c they sure do love their mommies.

    1. Thanks Jenn!! I sure do hope for a boy too! :)

  4. So excited for you guys! Two is a great time.

    1. Thanks Nate! Hope JD is doing well and gearing up for homebound round 2.

  5. YAY baby 2... congrats to you guys! Im sure Leighton will ROCK at being a big sister, she always seems so HAPPY so i can imagine that if you want something to rub off on the little one... happiness is KEY!
    Big brother Tre just shows Kaylin how to be a wild animal and she is happy to oblige LOL my kids are NUTS!
    TWO is a different world... more different that some would think, but SO MUCH fun - especially that your two will be close in age. congrats again!!


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