Our little girl...

Hola peeps and peepettes! We finally have a bit of great news to share. Friday was our Level 2 Ultrasound. Going into it, I was nervous. Since I have started feeling our little angel, I worry when any time lapses that I haven't felt her. They told us to bring a CD so we have the entire thing on DVD. My wonderful husband thought he could wear 3D glasses for the "showing" and commented that he wanted to bring popcorn too! What a character I have married. His humor certainly lightened the mood for us.

Maureen, our ultrasound nurse, began by saying that it would take a while and that she had to take a lot of pictures. Right out of the gate, I was relieved. She kept commenting on how much she was moving and that she was having a hard time time getting the measurements she needed. I LOVED hearing this!! She was still fighting for us!! Then we told her about our fears of the heart and how they couldn't see all 4 chambers the last time. She said she sees them fine and pointed them out individually. Heartbeat was great as well! SCORE!! We are 2 for 2!

She then began to discuss some of the markers she was looking for with DS like a smaller nose bone, webbed feet and hands, heart, etc. There are 7 to be exact. She said "the feet are not webbed" so I said... "what about the hands?" then Maureen said, "well she won't really let me see her hands open... OH WAIT! HAHAHA! There she goes!" No sooner than the words left her lips, Leyton (Leighton, Leiton - we can't decide) opened up her hands! Hilarious! Almost to say, YES I AM LADY! SEE!! That's when I knew, she was our little girl, inside and out!

We finished up the pictures... she tried to get a 3D but our little acrobat wouldn't hold still. We were able to get one of her little legs crossed. It's really cool and I will post them as soon as I figure out how to post pics on this wonderful communication device!

She informed us that she had to get more numbers for the Dr. and that he would meet us in the conference room. We waited but not anxiously this time. Jay and I have decided we will handle anything they bring us so no need to get all hyped up about it. He's a rock and I am just learning to follow suite.

In comes the Dr. who tells us that this baby is "Good!" Great news, but we need more deets there Doc! First he explains the 7 markers they look for for Down Syndrome and tells us that she has not one of them. WHAT?! Hold the phone... what does that mean? He said because of the CVS test, we know that she is sporting an extra chromosome, but if he were to have to diagnose her from the ultrasound, he wouldn't diagnose DS. Of course, we automatically want to know if the CVS test could be a false positive. He then explains that it's a 99% accuracy rating so the chances are unlikely but given the information that he saw, she could be on a higher development range for DS. Of course this is something that will only be determined after birth, etc.

I then asked about her growth and if she is growing well. He said she is actually growing VERY well and is in the 70 percentile of her growth range! WHOO HOOO!!!! I had no doubt that she would be a big baby. Jay and I are not small people. However, many babies born with DS are usually a smaller birth weight. Not our little peach! She is already defying the odds and making us so very proud.

This visit was the boost of positivity that we needed!! I have been a nightmare to deal with. My poor husband. I believe my nesting has kicked in, combined with my hormones and lack of sleep lately. Top that off with a puppy that is on meds that make her pee every five minutes, I am sure J could use some testosterone in his life. Again, bless my husband.

Our next visit is Wed. to see my regular Doctor. For now, we aren't waiting on ANYTHING but the arrival of our little girl! Guess we better get to rolling on that nursery! Anyone up for painting?

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  1. Such great, positive news! This little girl is such a fighter!!

  2. Shona and Jay,

    I love you guys and am SO happy to hear the positive news so far. I'll keep Leighton in my prayers...I'm so happy she's doing great. :)


  3. Hi Shona, so glad I could be a positive voice to you. I SO know how you feel. and i know how you are going to feel! :)

    please if there is ever anything I can do, don't hesitate to contact me. my email is on my blog.

    Everything sounds like it's going absolutely beautifully for your daughter. hope you don't mind, but I would love to follow along on this amazing journey of yours.

  4. I just read your comment on Stephanie's blog (Daily Smiles), and I just had to come and tell you congrats on your pregnancy of a very special child!

    I have a son named Gavin, who was also born with Down syndrome, and he is the biggest gift that I've ever been given! In fact, our family is seriously considering adopting a little girl with Down syndrome, because of the joy and love we have been given since Gavin came into our lives!

    Your future is truly bright! Your sweet girl will bring you SUCH happiness! Congrats and God Bless! :)

  5. Hi Shona, I saw your post at Chilli Tribe and had to come over to say hi ! I look forward to reading more about your journey to the birth of your little earth bound angel. Love and Blessings Viv

  6. shona...found you through a comment on another blog and came over. i will be praying gor you and your husband as you go on this journey. but i have a feeling once you meet little miss you will see how much magic can be in that extra chromosome just as we did :) look forward to following you....


  7. so lovely to read you had positive news. and the above comments are so true, you will have magic in bundles xxxx


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