The Bolden Lowdown- Spring 2017

I started this blog before we even started a family. I knew I wanted to be a blogger but had no idea what to write about. I was hooked on reading design and home decor blogs because I have a slight obsession - long before the Chip and JoJO came onto the scene- but never had the confidence in my decorating to share with anyone. Then we found out that I was pregnant and suddenly my life and blog had more purpose and suddenly I had something to talk about. So I began blogging about my journey of becoming a mother.

Little did I know, God had a different plan for us and shortly after my blog started, we found out LB would have Down syndrome. That's when my purpose really took shape. I knew then that I was meant to write about our journey. I found my most comforting advice and resources from other bloggers and the blogging community had given me a sense of hope that I never found anywhere else while learning what our new life could be like. It was real and honest. Something you can't get from a Dr.

I did a pretty good job of posting - for the most part. But as our family grew and Down syndrome became just another "thing" in our life, I found less time to write and truthfully, less to write about. Not that I didn't have things I wanted to share or say, but I had too much to sort out into a legible format and found my anxiety taking over. I would get so overwhelmed when I sat down to write that I left far too many posts in the draft status and wondered if I was wasting my time. I had also started to care about stats and how many people were reading my posts, when that was never the case before. I really just liked to write and I was never really able to get that satisfaction again.

All of these things combined and now I see that I haven't written in over a year. That's just not cool man! LOL So - here I am, on the blog again. Here I am... up on the screen. Yea.. I need more adult convos. Clearly.

So, let me give you some context on whats happenin with me and my crew. Well, the kids are getting bigger. Duh, right?! And, well, let's be honest that in itself takes up a large amount of my life. Consumes one, really. To the point that you are questioning your parenting and sanity on a daily basis. Doing it sober, well, that's where my next time consumer comes in. Because I need some type of outlet that doesn't require much thinking, I have been painting.

Yup - started painting to ease my stress and what do you know.. people liked it. So I started a little craft business. Kinda... it's not making enough to be a full business, but it's the goal. Because that's what everyone does, right? yea.. I know. Prolly not a good idea to add stress to someone with anxiety and depression already. But who's counting.

(Selfless plug- Check out Wild Child Wood on facebook, @Woodywildchild on instagram or my website for some cool gift ideas or custom signs for your home decor. )

My anxiety and depression have hit an all time high over the course of the last few years - no coincidence that it's also the time I became a Mom. So that's been quite the chore to get under wraps. I can now admit that I have a mental illness and I firmly believe that the stigma needs to go and conversations need to happen so that many others can recognize it. Because it can't be a taboo. No one will get better or address it that way. I'm ready. Really ready to talk about mine.

One thing I have learned about becoming a stay at home mom, is that it's HARD. It's difficult to work from the age of 15 until your in your 30's, paying your way through college by working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs at a time, being fiercely independent to then becoming a victim of your own mind. At home. All of the time. In the same place, doing the same thing, every, single. day. Not to mention becoming co-dependent on others. It's a transition and not for the weak.

After some much needed therapy, meds and some homeopathic lifestyle changes, and a whole lotta Jesus, I am finding my way.  But I guess you could say, I have found a few additional things to talk about. My life if full of so much goodness and so many blessings, I feel compelled to tell it - shout it from the mountain tops - the good the bad and the ugly. Someone wants to hear it. Someone needs to hear it. So, I'm gonna tell it. Pinky promise!

Now on to the more important subjects of this-here blog!

We'll start with the youngest. This is Willy. Our Lily-pad.

She's 2.5 and starting preschool in the fall. She's feisty, sassy, sweet as pie and as mean as a snake - all in the same breath! Shes very lucky she is so stinkin adorable or I may have left her at Granny's months ago!

She is my baby and she knows it. But she is also ready to fight her way into the life of everyone! She doesn't take any crap from anyone and she certainly won't let anyone mess with "The Sisters" (as she calls them.) She's my day time sidekick when the girls are at school. She LOVES to shop!! I may have created a monster when it comes to shopping. OH well... YOLO! LOL

Willy is quite the handful most days. Nothing that any other 2.5 year old isn't... but she keeps me on my toes. She's a daredevil and a bottomless pit. She eats all day long and requires large amounts of patience and tolerance of her shenanigans! Gosh, I love this kid!

Then there's Ashie. She's our golden girl! She is so amazing. She is loving, empathetic, honest and so very caring. She bends over backwards to help me and her daddy - or anyone for that matter and she LOVES to pretend play. Her imagination is wildly vivid and her memory is beyond impeccable. She remembers my weekly schedule better than I do. It's kinda creepy sometimes.

She's my girl. My right hand WO-man! Ashie is finishing up her second year of preschool and has one more to go before starting kindergarten. She is ready to go in her eyes but that pesky winter birthday is keeping her from it. Not to mention, I don't mind having her around a bit longer before the lifelong school career starts.

We have reached the milestone of her being bigger than her sister already as she has surpassed LB in height, weight and sizes of clothing. It was nice to have them in the same size while we could. But it was certainly inevitable. Ash is thick and STRONG! I just love that about her.

She wants to fix cars to 'get babies outta people when she grows up. She also just started her second year of T-ball this week. She's on an all boy team and has already shown them that she isn't gonna be a whimpy girl! At the first practice! This girl will move mountains! No doubt in my mind!

And the star of Mommy's blog, our Leighty-Bug. LB is starting Kindergarten next year. Gasp! I KNOW! HOW?! DID?! THAT HAPPEN?!?! I am still in awe too. I can't believe how much she has grown and accomplished over the last year. I am not sure I can list them all.

She is finally talking in sentences. Many times its to the trained ear. But she can carry a conversation and that delights me more than anything in this world. She can communicate her needs, wants and frustrations. Oh so well! She is running, and jumping and doing so many wonderful things.

At her IEP, her teachers told us a story about her helping a kid in her class that is visually impaired. She does things for him that she won't do for herself. I had to laugh... Only LB. LOL

She can do so many things if she WANTS to. But honestly, this is her world and we are just living in it. And she knows it! If she doesn't want to do something, she will not only let you know she doesn't, she WON'T do it!

She is so sweet, kind and gentle and doesn't meet a stranger. She has this impeccable ability to know when someone is having a rough day. Its really a gift and I am certain it can be attributed to that little extra God gave her.

We had a pretty rough summer last year with her health. She was having some serious trouble with her bowel movements. It took a lot of patience from everyone, and the help of a homeopathic doctor to get the answers we needed. Low and behold, it helped us on so many levels and gave us answers to things we didn't even know we needed answers to! I'll certainly be updating more on that story - frequently- because it not only helped her, but our whole family!

She also just got glasses and they are cuter than ever!

So... all in all, we are more than blessed and living better than we certainly deserve.

Life has its ups and downs but we try to live each day with a grateful heart.

Until next time...


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