Teachable Tuesday: The R Word

Let's have a little fun, whatta-ya say? I thought we could try a little series called Teachable Tuesdays.

Our first order of business is the R-word.

Unless you live under a rock, you clearly know what word I am speaking of so I shall leave it unnamed. If you can't figure it out by the end of this post, I'd be happy to give you a full verbal rendition of the word in discussion... just give me a call.

OK - well, the R-word stinks. I hate it. People that are referred to as such, hate it. And frankly, I am pretty sure even our dog hates it.

So stop using it.

Here's the g gist. We can sign pledges, and share articles and petitions, etc. but the fact is, the word will never go away. It will always be a part of the English language. Sad. But true. I get that.

However, its the people that say the phrase... But I don't mean it towards LB.

Then stop saying it all together. When you do use that word, it's usually in a negative context. You are pushing your disapproval of another person's actions or behaviors onto them by using the R-word to negate those actions or behaviors. I am sure there are so many other words to use. Or here is an idea.. how about NO NAME CALLING. Just sayin. Choose kind. Its not that hard, really.

You are simply dismissing someone with an intellectual disability and that is not OK. As my Granny used to say, "No one died and made you King. So get off your high horse!"

Its hurtful. Mean. In my opinion, the word is full of hate as many other words in our broken world.

So, in closing. please don't say it. Choose kind.


Until next time...


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