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This week I shared a few posts on my facebook page in an effort to spread awareness. While they didn't make the official blog post, and my days got a little off, they will be stories you will hear about in the news, etc. So I kinda feel like I am still in the #31for21 running... lol

The first story is about a photographer who has a nephew with Down syndrome so she decides to take some photos of kids with Ds to show that they are happy. She also photographs them for free of charge. Seems sweet.

Today Show story of photographer taking pics of kids with Ds.

The story of Domenica Lawson. She wrote a letter to a numb-skull ex-reality star that basicly said her life was worthless and that people with Ds should be "put down" -like sick animals. If you see this so called celebrity's picture, you may share her sentiments about her as it also crossed my mind. She clearly has some self worth issues and thinks her opinon is valued. Jokes on her. Domenica is also the god-daughter of Princess Diana and penned quite the comeback to this jokester.

Have you heard about Jasmine's Bunting Company? She is an entrepeneuer that started her own sewing company and she makes some pretty sweet stuff! Check out her site and her story here.   The best part of her biz.. she has people working FOR HER that also have special needs. Sweet! Way to go Jasmine!

I feel like I know Penny Becker personally. I read her mothers book when I was a new mom to my LB. But, I do not actually know them in real life. However, Penny wrote some deets down for all to read about a day in her life. Check it out here.  You can also read her mom's blog here.

Hope you enjoyed some of these fun reads!

I know I did.

Until next time..


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