Tap, Tap, Tap.... Is this thing on?

Talk about a hyatius! Woooweee - what's it been, like a year, almost?

Where do I begin friends? I know... first things first. Let me introduce you to our newest member of the Bolden crew, drumroll please....

Lillian Chesney aka Lilli-pad

Yup, you guessed it, she isn't really all that new. Didn't think I could get that one past ya. And she's actually a couple months older now than in this pic. Ha! I sure do hope she never reads this blog when shes older. I'll never hear the end of that. (If she's anything like me.)

Lilli-pad was born last December, just before Christmas. She graced me with a lovely 20+ hours of labor and then took her sweet time getting here - early nonetheless. She weighed 7lb13oz and was 20.5 inches long. Up until the last couple of months, I would say she was the golden Bolden and barely gave a fuss. Then all you-know-what broke loose and I just spent the first night of sleep training her in tears. So many stories in that one sentence but the gist is that this gal is my GIRL! She is my Hip baby. She isn't going anywhere without momma and I LOVE IT! It does make life on me quite rough though. She isn't really social in the sense that anyone else can hold her. Or feed her. Or -basically anything else that involves me NOT doing it.

She won't take a bottle, won't eat baby food and refuses to sleep more than a couple hours at a time. All. Night. Long. She is getting up more now than she did as a newborn. I kid you not. It's horrible.
Outside of that, she's a true delight and joy to be around. She adores LB and both gals adore her. When she isn't pulling their hair.

Speaking of the other 2.... LB is heading into her second year of preschool. I'm very excited for her. She has taken off with her speech and there is little she will not attempt to say. I couldn't ask for more tenacity and spunk than that little gal gives. She has the heart the size of Texas and is about as stubborn as her momma.

Ash is a spit fire! She is literally going on 22. Her vocab is off the charts and she thinks she is fully grown. She is ALL GIRL too - which stuns me and makes me smile a mile wide all at the same time. The gal is ready to conquer the world and will do so many amazing things. We are really working hard with her and potty training right now so that has been rough bc she wants NO PART OF IT! but we will get there. Hopefully.

We had to see Tootsie to the Rainbow bridge this winter. My heart breaks a little every day when I think of her. I miss her OH so much. She is no longer in pain and she lived a wonderful life. I hate that I had to make the choice for it to happen but know that we made the right decision. Her quailty of life wasn't what it needed to be. So we had her cremated and they kindly gave us a paw print and a bit of her fur. For some reason, that fur gets to me everytime I see it. I just feel her with me when I look at it. Gosh, I REALLY miss her.

J's off to a new school year next week. He's STOKED! bahahahahha! Not so much. But I can't tell him in words what his hard work means to me. He is dedicated to our family and to the choices we have made so that I can stay home with the girls. Being in the day to day all of the time often causes me to lose sight of his sacrifices and I would totally punch me if I were him - sometimes. He's an amazing man and I still pinch myself some days because he doesn't seem real. I love him so.

We've had a pretty interesting first half of the year. Probably why I didn't blog much. AKA, not at all. So many health issues and scares. I really couldn't find the words to write - yet had so so many to say. Shortly after LP was born, I had an emergency appendectomy. Which led them to get a CAT Scan that led to further testing bc they saw some things with my heart. Long story short, I had an ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) that is congenital (aka I was born with it) yet nEVER knew about it. Well, many people are born with these but often times, they never know about them until there is an issue. Usually they result in a stroke. Lucky for me, they found it and saw the need to close it based on the size. Apparently it was making my heart enlarged. So, they closed it at the end of May with a catheter procedure where they put a decive in your heart. My device was larger than planned because the hole was larger than expected. But I am all good now.

I can't describe the emotions that whole process took me through. I mean I have never felt so lucky to be able to sit here and type my story. Twice. 2 major procedures in less than 6 months that could have both killed me. Wow. God is Good!

SO, I have been attending church. A Lot lately. And plan to do so even more in the future. I owe it all to the big Guy. That's fo sho!

ANyhoo..we've also been hard at work on the house and trying to make it our home as much as possible. DIY projects galore. So many that I have started another blog about all the things I do to make our home a home - from decorating, cooking, cleaning and staying sane. If that's even possible. I am not sure that anyone will read it and who am I to say that I know the answers. But if one person finds something valuable or at least entertaining, then my job is done. So hell, why not, right?!

That's enough about me for now. I promise not to keep you in the dak for another year. Pinky promise!

Until next time...


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