And so it begins...

Today's the day I've dreaded and anxiously awaited for many moons. LB's biggest milestone to date. Her first IEP. This is the first of many on our public school journey.

I'm actually ok with it so far. We aren't there yet though. I have reviewed most of the report and there isn't too many things about it that are earth shattering. Today well find out  what therapy she will be offered at school, how many days she'll be going etc. Again, nothing  we aren't prepared for. But  something about the report and the regurgitation of what I tell them is what gets me. Same with early intervention. They just go by what you say... It's strange to me.

Side note: I have this odd 'thing' when I'm near a school setting. I cry. Like, tear up in front if people, cry. Not an ugly cry though, thank goodness, but a cry. So there's that. Same with singing happy birthday- even to a stranger, I cry. Weirdo, am I!

Then let's talk about the fact that my baby girl is about to be 3.  Like wow, how did that happen so fast?? That's sure to make me a slobbery mess. Or let's talk about the skills I wish she would've have gained during early intervention... Well that could be a series of posts in themselves- which I will most likely do. Or should I say, the skills I wish I would've known she needed to gain.

Then to add insult to injury... Let's talk about how decisions made in the next few years could affect her future for the rest of her life. No pressure there, right?! Again, another post to come.

All of it has me a hot mess right now. I barely slept last night.  And my head is overflowing  with  thoughts, anxiety and stress. Granted, this is just one of the bigger items occurring in my life right now. I have a bucket full of others that I wouldn't bore anyone with, but some rather large decisions all seem to be coming to a head for me at the same time. This is the recipe for disaster for a person  with anxiety.

So, I shall write my heart out until I feel at ease; maybe go for a walk; I cleaned crevices and window seals yesterday (I'm a stress cleaner in a nesting phase... No, I wont come to your house :)); or I'll just continue to cry., rearrange things and  eat. Sounds about right.


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