And then there were 200

I wish I would have been as faithful to the writing as I wanted to be. I wish I would have logged all the memories I want to keep and pics to match. I wish I were better at this blogging thing. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...bahaha.. it's late. Maybe that was only funny to me.

Alas.. I am not. And I am A-OK with that. You see, it just dawned on me that this is the 200th post! WOWZA! That's impressive in itself to me. I mean heck, I never expected that. 12 a year was a stretch in the beginning.

But now I have a lil happiness to write about. Well a lot really. But to share the most exciting first, and to have proof that I did write about it... we are expecting Baby Bolden Girl #3!! Jan. 2nd to be exact. Yes, we are pumped. Yes, I was sad that it wasn't a boy. Not the hubs though. He is happy with all girls.

Funny how you look back on what's different from the first and then the second and now the third. I laughed when we were first planning the room... LB had the Cadillac of cribs or the Benz - I shall say. We held no expense to high and wanted the best. Ash got a Target clearance special (Guess which has turned out to be the better crib?). And this baby... well I thought we were going to have to go dumpster diving for a minute. But luckily found one at a yard sale for $50. LOL!

LB's pregnancy was documented with bump photos, a beautiful scrapbook, pics of everything and posts weekly. Ash barely got her pic taken.. I am already 18 weeks and am just now writing about Baby B 3 Oh yea, who is to yet have a name.

So, what better way to commemorate the 200th post than to celebrate a new baby girl?! At least this should take me into the argument of why she doesn't have a well documented baby book, right?!

I'll share pics soon.. they are downstairs and that is very far for this preggers tired momma. This post alone has worn me out.

Until next time...

Well this is a good one....

LB kisses the Baby B 3 announcement pic;
Ash is crushed. 


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