What I've Become

So this one time, I went to DC and got to see the Capital. Oh, and we met some REAL LIFE congresspeople.

Seriously, what an experience. As a kid in middle school, we went to our state capital and I even thought that was cool. I was convinced after that day that I wanted to be a lawyer. I held strong for some years until I got to high school and realized that I wasn't really up for the 12 years of school that would follow. Not only that it soon became apparent to me that my family would call dibs on the free attorney fees often enough to keep me in debt.

On to my next career move.. the medical field. I held strong on that one too. Too strong. That landed me a few extra years in college. Turns out if you are undecided for too long, they make you do NOTHING to choose bceause now it costs YOU money, not them. After realizing the medical field wasn't for the faint at heart, I went for a solid business type degree. The one with NO math. Aka, communications. The GET ME THE HECK out of school degree. I threw in a few advertising classes because they seemed cool and I heard they drank alot. Given my career status at the time - bartender - it seemed like the right fit.

Now, 10+ years post college, and I really did do something with my degree. I worked in the field for a solid 12 years before I found my true calling.

They call me, Mommy. I call me: household engineer, caretaker, nurse, chef, chaufer, advocate, blogger, doctor, seamstress, hair stylist, personal assitant, activities director, teacher, therapist, counselor, dean, body guard, armed guard, and now lobbyist.

My outlooks have never been spot on until August 25, 2011. Holding Lb in my arms for the first time was a moment I will never forget. I was so happy, scared and truly content. Then holding Ash only solidified my soul searching journey. I knew my destiny and I knew that my purpose in life was to be their Mom. I had no idea what kind of ride it would be and I am still enjoying every turn.

This last week has taught me that I am my children's voice. Both of them need me to push the boundaries so they are given every opportunity for their best life. I not only advocate for my daughter with special needs but for my daughter without.

Until next time....

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