#WDSD :: T21 Tuesday :: 21 Ways to Raise Awareness

Ever wonder what YOU can do to raise awareness? Do you often think about getting involved but don't have the time? Well my friend, here are 21 ways to help you with that. Every little thing is SOMETHING and a whole lot of somethings add up to big movements. It all helps! So thank you for taking the time to read my lil corner of the internet and actually caring enough to consider raising awareness.

21 Ways to Raise Awareness: (In no particular order)

  1. Wear crazy/mis-matched socks on Friday (WDSD)
  2. Share this post
  3. Share a pic (please ask first if sharing 1 of LB; there are some cruel internet creepers out there) 
  4. Don't say the R-word
  5. Ask others not to say the R-word
  6. Meet someone with DS 
  7. Include someone with DS
  8. Volunteer (Ask me how!)
  9. Donate - there are so many places (see below #18 for just a few)
  10. Communicate - the best form of advertising is word of mouth 
  11. Educate yourself and others about DS; if you teach someone or learn 1 thing about DS, the knowledge will only spread from there
  12. Support someone (& their family) with DS 
  13. Tweet this post #STBAWDSD14
  14. Follow me on Twitter - +Shona Bolden 
  15. Follow me & my blog on Pinterest (don't forget, I am a self-confessed Pinaholic - you have been warned)
  16. Write your congress person or political decision leader about the ABLE Act & other hot topics in legislation - don't worry, I'll keep ya informed on what those are if you need me to ;)  
  17. Rock yellow & blue - the colors for DS Awareness
  18. Support your local Down Syndrome Association (DSA), other area support organizations (NWI - Chasing Dreams, Club Wonder), NDSS, IDSC, NDSC, Best Buddies, Special Olympics, ARC, Family Voices, etc. There are so many organizations to support that help all disabilities. 
  19. Join a Buddy Walk in your area. They are everywhere with nearly 400 walks all over the US and evn in other countries!! 
  20. Give them a chance; Don't Dis their Ability! Treat people with respect and compassion
  21. Love someone with DS. All you need is LOVE.
LB & Me @ the NWI Buddy Walk 2013

Until next time...


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