Transition :: It's Getting Real

Originally LB was supposed to start the Center for Possibilities today which is like a playgroup environment, but due to a very snotty nose and what turned out to be an ear infection,  we have to wait until thursday. However, we did have her transition meeting for preschool today.

I can't lie, I teared up when we walked in. J laughed at me, but it made it so much more real. She's growing up!

She's so excited too. She'll love school, just like I did, I'm sure. 

Her eval is in May and then well have a final meeting to discuss how many days she'll go. Most likely it will be 5 days. She'll ride the bus and she'll go in the mornings. 

Phew, it's really happening! Don't worry, I'll post pics and videos of thursday too. That's like my buffer of my birdie leaving the nest. 

Until next time...


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