Princess Pusher

You know the story... girl is sad; wants to find love; dreams of a castle; the prince is tall dark and handsome; she falls; prince saves her; they fall madly in love.... they, say it with me, lived happily ever after.

It's the tale as old as time. It's timeless. So many stories, movies and shows are based on the same concept. Love. The dreamy concept. They way to find it. They dreams of how it happens so haphazardly and when you least expect it.

Daddy's Princesses
For a while now, I have watched as many parents fight the fight to keep their gals free of the princess fairytales. I am not really certain of the intent of their anguish. Maybe its the idea of it being just what it is, a fairytale. Unreal. A dream that can never happen. Or can it?

I have always had an affinity for the fairytales. The Little Mermaid being my personal fave. I also became a bit bitter and cynical in my 20's when my Prince Charmings turned out to be Un-charming and even worse, the emotionally unavailable.

But the fairytales weren't to blame. In fact, I think they kept me realistic in some regard. While I dated some duds, to put it nicely, I knew there was a PC out there for me somewhere. I just considered the duds, my frogs.

So, fast forward to becoming a mom to 2 girls. I am a self-appointed Princess Pusher. When LB was in the womb, I found a shirt at a garage sale that said, "My Daddy Is My Prince Charming". To me, that's the only blueprint they need. A good Daddy who they see treating their Mommy like a princess.

Now, we could get all therapeutic here and talk about my daddy issues or lack thereof being the reason for dating SERIOUS duds, but that's a whole other post (or 10) so for now, we can keep it to me being a Princess Pusher.

I'll take the title, gladly. And I would also like to add that this Momma has one win under her belt. Ok, well only half of a win here but for the first time, the gals sat through about 15 minutes of Mommy's fave, The Little Mermaid.

I'm pretty sure that the Princess movie they come out with in the form of a Pixar movie will win their viewing attention so for now, Shrek is in the lead. AKA, Mommy's power hour.

Until next time..


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