LB's Going To School

Yup, you read it right! She's ready to go! Next month she will start a pre-pre-school program that is geared to kids with special needs. She'll attend 2 days a week and will go there until she starts her schooling with the public schools in August. 

Yikes! My baby is going to be 3! Can you believe it?! Early intervention stops at 3 in Indiana and then she heads to public school. We will go for her transition meeting the same day she starts at the PPschool so it's all becoming real. 

It's so cute... She's pretty excited about it. We watch for the school bus every day. Ash runs to see it and LB waves 'Hiiiiiii' everytime. My mom bought them back packs and Lb put hers on and headed for the door immediately telling me 'Byyyyyyeeeeee' the whole time! 

She has some new braces to sport too. I'll share those in a few days. I need to get pics of them and want to promote the place we are going to now. Because he is awesomesauce! And Lb adores him. They also make her walk sooo much better so my girls are running in all directions! Thank you free cardio! 

Until next time, 


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