It's March Y'all!

Sooo, I'm here for some fat stax of knowledge, yo! (Sorry, too much Breaking Bad has my slang terms misplaced in various uses.) 

Well, I can't explain the amount of stuff slapped into my brain over the last few days. I'm charged about advocacy and I'm stoked to share it with ya! You're welcome. 

For the last week, I've been rockin and rollin meeting vendors, exhibitors, lawyers, associations, presidents, researchers, politicians, and even a comedian! I know... Crazy right?!?! We laughed together, we cried together and we shared some mad knowledge and ideas about ways to make this world a better place for kiddos and adults rockin an extra chromosome! 

I think I might be a Ds conference junkie folks. My name is shona... You know the rest. Seriously though, it was amazing!

(These aren't socks, but cute pic anyway, right?!?!)

Well back to it being march. I'm gonna hit ya with the 21 in 21 this month and leave ya a little more schooled on 3/21 so get those reading eyes ready my friends! Oh and wash for cool and funky socks because the 'Rock your Socks for Ds' is back again this year! Don't worry, ya got like 3 weeks to wash'em. Alright, that's all for now. 

Don't get too cozy and make sure you share my posts like a good winter cold! Bahahah! I'm so over winter.. Anyway. 

Until next time...


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