Anxiety :: What's your coping strategy?

As you may have read in the 'About Me' section, I have anxiety. Er, maybe I forgot to mention that part. I have suffered from it for several years now and have been 'treating' it since my early 20's. While this post may be a bit on the poke-some-fun at myself-side, I do respect those that have much more serious cases. I am just trying to share some of my personal experiences in how I cope, and a little more into my layers of onion peels.

A lot of people don't recognize anxiety as an issue or even confuse it with depression. For me, its two very different things. Anxiety, by my definition, is an overwhelming feeling of irritability, stress and impatience.

I tend to bottle my stress until I am like a hot pop bottle in a warm car on a blistering summer day. I usually explode after a while. But as a parent, this didn't seem like the healthy way to raise a kid so I have tried really hard to recognize when I am letting my cup get to the brim of runneth over. It's a challenge to say the least. Especially when you are running the show 6 days a week with little to no relief because hubs is in the midst of coaching season.
LB and her big blue eyes just
before her request for a dance party. 

These are the days that would be SWEET to drop the kids off at my moms and tell her I will be back after a quick Target run. Since that's not an option financially and geographically, I gotta find other ways to cope. However, there have been the times that a quick 4 hour hop in the car has done us all a bit of good. I never really rule this one out.

Lately I have found that counting to ten helps. Locking myself in a room aka, my closet, for a minute or three also helps. If I feel it's really bad, I put the girls in their cribs and take a breather. Sometimes we are all crying at the same time, but I know they are safe and I get a few minutes to collect myself. I also make lists, lots of lists. On post its, usually. I clean, do laundry or something of that nature to regain control of anything which usually helps with what I have lost control over.

But the best medicine for a preventive day of stress is always the classic, DANCE PARTY! We love em and it sets the soul up for a nice good day 10 minutes of fun! Nothing too slow and nothing too poppy... we gotta get the good mix of mommy music and kids too because everybody has to shake their groove-thang in their own room. It's kinda their thing. They will both point to their respective ipod players in their rooms and give a little shake. This is a sign for, dance music mom. Let's go. I get it. Dad gets it. It's a universal family sign. And its serious folks! And it helps. Music cures all and dancing is a wordless form of therapy.

Funny enough, when I started therapy after I moved to Chicago, my therapist asked me what my goals were and I told her that I want to be so comfortable with myself that I can dance like no one is watching, sober. At any time.

Funny what kids can teach ya to do, isn't it?

Goal: Dance like no one is watching = check.
Goal: Sober. = check.
Goal: At any time. = 7 am, check.

*This doesn't mean I am cured, just have to make new gaols. 

Until next time..


  1. Hurray for dancing! Remember, you can also do guided meditations in your mind -- going to your favorite, safe, outdoor place in your mind in your favorite season. Hear the sounds, see the colors. Ahhh.... You are doing so well!


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