Hubs vs. Grinch

I have to admit... I was a Grinch. I wasn't all that into Christmas in my younger days. Well, to be fair, I really wanted to be, but growing up, I didn't have the best references to really "get into the spirit" so to speak. I mean we had great gifts, decorated the house and usually got what we wanted - more than really. But the spirit wasn't always jolly. It was a strain for our family to afford those wonderful gift givings and many extra hours were worked to make them happen. Don't get me wrong, we had one heck of a holiday the day of. Everyone was jolly or drunk. Sometimes both if you were lucky. We ate well and we had a wonderful time, but it was hard to see your family work so hard to make you happy. I felt guilty almost.

As I got older, I made it my mission to give because that was what made me happy, to see my family happy. I didn't want them to want for anything. And it was nice to see them enjoy things. I also liked the traditions but I really felt like we had lost so many people in our family that we were losing traditions too. See, downer isn't it?

I have always had a solid rule, one holiday at a time. No Christmas before Thanksgiving and technically, as a kid, we never celebrated or got into the decorating mode until Dec. 10th because of my brother's birthday. Then I met my husband. He would probably listen to Christmas music year round if he could. He's a big spirit to say the least and has given me tons of grief because I won't allow him to put the Christmas tree up the day after Halloween. No joke. A girls gotta have boundaries.. ya know?!

Well, like most things, time changes you and so do kids. Kids make everything happier in my opinion. But also because I have one of the most wonderful husbands to share this wonderful time of the year with. I can't thank him enough for his dedication to our family and for making each day wonderful, and the holiday even better. 

Now as a mother, we are developing many traditions of our own. As well as with our fam ilies. It's really quite magical. But to be honest, its EXHAUSTING! I mean Pinterest alone will make ya think you are the Grinch if you aren't crafting baking or triming a tree every day. Elves on shelves, cookie making days, and all that jazz.... sheesh, I am worn out and there are 2 weeks to go! I haven't even wrapped a single present and started shopping in October! WHo AM I!?!

So.. yes, my husband killed the Grinch folks. I am as jolly and happy as they come when it is Christmas time now. I think I listened to Christmas music before him this year... but still strong on the no tree till after Thanksgiving rule. Gotta stand my ground on that one. 

OH, I should also add that Ash HATED Santa and LB isn't too fond of him this year either. Guess we won't be winning any photo contests this year. 

Until next time..


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