November Rains

I blogged for 31 days straight in October. I think I even threw in a freebie, once. Maybe. Now it's November and I have blogged one measly time. I know, I know... excuses are like you know what's.

Well my friends, to make myself feel better, I wanted to list the things that have occured in November, making it quite interesting to find minutes, let alone hours, to blog about it.

  • Leighton is up to 20+ steps in a single instance
  • Ashlyn is up to 7 steps in same instance
  • Our basement flooded
  • Our neighborhood and city suffered damages from a tornado (we were lucky and safe)
  • Ashlyn is now signing 5 words
  • Ashlyn now has 4 teeth with 2 more on the way
  • We stopped nursing (Ashlyn is doing well; Mommy is slowly adjusting)
  • The ENTIRE family had their first winter cold - that hit us pretty hard
  • We (my uncle) installed new lighting in our second floor rooms
  • Leighton learned to climb onto things - aka furniture
  • Leighton is verbalizing several more words
  • Leighton is eating much better and trying new things
  • Both girls have been cleared of the peanut allergy (big for us as our niece and nephews are all allergic)
  • Mommy is almost done Christmas shopping
  • Mommy is exhausted and cranky
  • Kindermusik started again
  • We are going to more play dates these days
  • Mommy is also working/volunteering at the DSA office now on Saturdays
  • Leighton got her tear duct tubes out
  • Leighton's heart defect resolved on ITS OWN!
  • Leighton started OT again
  • Ashlyn is crazy and hard to keep up with
  • Ashlyn's personality is adorable and she has discovered baby dolls
  • Did I mention that Mommy is exhausted?
  • Mommy got her a new big girl drill 
  • Mommy is going to DC in Feb for the DSA & Buddy Walk on Washington
  • Mommy is the Buddy Walk Committee Chair for 2014 (EEK!!)

    Well the list isn't that long but it seemed so much busier these last few weeks. I guess the items on the list just pack a mean punch all on their own. We have been very fortunate this month and to write about all the things we are grateful for would probably bore most people but I feel obligated to do so - givin the karma we have received. . 

    It's really the most simple things for me these days. I am so happy and blessed that we are safe and warm with full bellies. That's really enough for me. 

    It goes without saying that I love my family and my girls mean the world to me. The mere thought of catastrophe hitting so close to us is just enough to wake you up and say SHEESH! I have so much more to appreciate than "things." I have blessings each day when I see my babies' faces. I have a husband that loves us to no end, that cares for us and keeps us warm, safe and fed. I have babies that smile constantly and are healthy, happy little girls. We have love and we have friends. Don't really need much more. 

    Feeling so blessed this Thanksgiving. We are heading to KY to spend the holiday with my family and I couldn't be happier. I am so looking forward to it. We have new additions all around and its going to be an adventure. 

    I hope all my readers have a blessed holiday as well. 

    Until next time...


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