The One & Only, LB

Hi guys,

It's Leighty-bug here. Mommy tells me that she's been writing about me everyday this month and that it would be nice to share a few words with you guys from me. I suppose. I do prefer to sign my words or raspberry them but I'll give it a whirl.

Yes, I do sign language. I am up to about 25 words. Mommy tries to keep count but I like to throw her off and surprise her with a new word here and there. Keeps her on her toes. It's kind of neat that she's finally understanding me though. I mean how many times does a gal have to say the same thing before these parents catch on? Geez!

Anyway, she's finally giving in on that iPad rule she had. She was holding that thing hostage for too long. Now I get to use my iPad more during the day and that makes me very happy. I just have to show her I can do puzzles and colors and stuff. Until my little sister tries to take it. I'm not supposed to touch her when she does it but come on, that's MY toy she's messin with. It even has my name on it. Daddy says he's working on hers but he's taking too long. She already has my old phone and she still tries to take it.

I guess she's OK. I am learning to like her a lot more. I really don't like when she is upset though. It makes me sad. Especially when she is hurt. I just want to hug her until she stops crying. Sometimes I just cry with her. Then we both feel better.

My Mommy has also caught onto this eating thing. I just don't like some of the stuff she tries to give me. Now she rewards me with cookies if I eat my veggies. I guess it's a fair trade. For now anyway.

That whole walking thing is starting to work out too. I don't fall as much as I used to. I really want to learn to walk mostly so I can carry my iPad to a safe place. AWAY from my sister! Oh and so I can catch the dogs. They like to run from me. But I love those dogs! That's why I give them bites of my snacks.

Ok, that's enough. I am done talking now. I gotta go facetime with my Granny.

Thanks for reading.


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