Our Village

So they say it takes a village to raise a rockstar and I believe it.

I speak my mind about the medical community on my blog, both good and bad. While I am quick to tell you the pain points, I need to get better at telling you about the rockstars that help us every day. Sometimes I forget that some of our best teammates are reading this blog too and deserve a few nods of credit.

You have heard about my pain points with my previous gynos. I hold nothing back there. I do so because I don't ever want a new mom to go through those same issues I had and feel alone. If it helps one person, I am proud to have written it.

But there is a one lady that my family can't thank enough. Lb and Ash's pediatrician. Her name is Dr. B - we'll save her identity for her to tell. She has been very wonderful in our journey. Before we brought Lb home, I never knew you had to have a Ped picked out. Clueless. So, I called a friend and got her # of her kids dr. We met with Dr. B the day after bringing Lb home.

She instantly welcomed us. We haven't always been on the high end of that relationship because I have trust issues with the medical community - no surprise. Now, it's just some and not all. And there were times that her office staff did her no justice. But she ALWAYS listened to what we had to say. She has always allowed us to be the experts when it comes to our daughter and she has ALWAYS supported us as parents.

She always tells us that someone forgot to tell Lb she has Down syndrome. So cute and encouraging.

I really can't thank her enough. For the last 2 years, she has joined us for the Buddy Walk with her WHOLE Family too! Just a few weeks ago, she shared with me some information she had just learned as she does continuing education for Down syndrome. Now.. I know you may be thinking, but she is a Dr. and she should. But she doesn't have to share that with us.. she doesn't have to invest in our FAMILY! She's amazing and we love her!

There are also the other Team Leighy-Bug rockstars... the therapists that we see every week. The ones that have seen me at my worst.. literally post-partum with Ash and crying like an idiot. We have our PT - ML, our DT-J, our Speech-K, and our coordinator -J. All of these women are stellar and I tip my hat to them. They have all been instrumental in Lb's development. We collaborate, we share ideas and we all learn from one another on how to make this world a little bit better for our girl.

It really does take a village.

Until next time..


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