There are some moments as a mother that just make your heart smile.

Hearing the word Momma is one of them.

Lb is 2+ and she has said Momma but not intentionally. Most of her words sound like Dadda or some form of. Ash (aka Bitsy) says it all the time. But not Lb. It crushes me. I wanted to be her first word. But Dadda wins and he deserves it too.

Last year during Ds Awareness month, another mom posted the struggles her daughter had with speech and explained it in a way that made my little light bulb go off. My aha moment if you will.

She said that because of a smaller mouth cavity, potentially enlarged tonsils and adnoids and a larger tongue, often times, people with Ds struggle with speech. Imagine putting a cotton ball in the back of your mouth and trying to speak. That's what it's like for a person with Ds.

Makes a little more sense now hugh?

Well, this evening was one of those wonderful moments for this momma. Because my sweet baby said Momma. Mom or some form of. I knew what she was saying and she knew that I knew. It was a wonderful moment!

Imagine that you are communicating and people just aren't getting what you are saying. I have to think this is equivalent to a language barrier that many people face daily when trying to learn English or another language.

She has been speaking to us all along and we just weren't getting it. But tonight as I was putting her sister down for bed, she was looking for me and I heard her yell, MOM! I loved it. I smiled and didn't reply, then waited to hear it again. ANd. I. DID.

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