Happy Halloween :: Ds Awareness Month Ends

Well friends, this post was supposed to be cute and funny and all about the adorable little Sesame monsters my lil gals were dressing up as for the big day.

However, like a bad horror movie, we took a wrong turn sometime around 9 am. You see, the weather is crappy here in NWI (and other parts too, so I hear) so we weren't planning on heading out to gather candy for the mommy kids, unless it shaped up. Now they are hindering on the idea of moving it until tomorrow. That wins my vote. I am praying for this. Because if not, I will sit my happy tail on our couch and eat the 2 bags of treats we bought to give out and call it a day. My kids will only see the cute pics of the "Before" anyway. They will never know that we didn't earn  that candy.

But then matters in the Bolden household took on a whole new level of fun. Both girls have some bathroom/diaper blues. It ain't pretty or fun. As with any bout of diaper blues, comes the diaper RASH blues. That's the worst. So who wants to sit in their own crap, with a raw toosh in the rain. Not these gals.

But it only gets better. (I call this a sitcom day. Its the kind of day you only see unfold in a sitcom. However this has been one of those weeks.) Then Lb decides she wants to force a bone into Porsche's mouth. Porsche is our 125 lb Great Swiss Mountain Dog. She tolerates Lb a great deal, but let's be honest.. if someone were shoving a deer antler down your throat, what would be your first instinct. I have told Lb COUNTLESS times, please don't force bones on them. No means NO Lb. Like a drunk college boy, she ain't hearin it. Then it happened. Screams curled through the house like the beginning of a horror flick. Porsche had only nicked her finger but blood squirted from that tiny little thing like a bad scene of Grey's Anatomy!

She was mortified. Mostly because her best friend had just tried to take off her prize finger. The one that she uses to point to everything, the one that she uses to soothe her aching gums, the one that touches Tootsie's tooshie. Blood. Everywhere. My first thought, was to kill the dog. But I knew she didn't mean to hurt her and was quite aware of what had happened. I couldn't be mad at her. Then I hoped that Lb would learn a valuable lesson from this. Then I had to assess the situation and make sure it was still attached. Yup. Still there.

She politely showed her sister by wiping blood all over her face. Once the bandaid was on (our first one, btw) she showed her again like it was a foreign object. She didn't care for the bandaid. But the bleeding stopped and I saw that no stitches were needed. It's in a bad spot, write on the knuckle of her left pointer finger. Ouch. You can tell its bothering her too because she keeps pointing it at me and just crying.

The relationship between her and her furry BFF wasn't tarnished however and she proceeded to chase her again before naptime.

So, I shall share our fun, cute and adorable pics tomorrow in hopes that we are able to postpone my candy getting. This momma could use some serious chocolate this week.

Until next time...


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