Buddy Walkin 2012

As we get ready for our Buddy Walk 2013 tomomrrow, I wanted to share some photos from last year. We had such a great turn out and so much support. Jay's school did a mini-walk in honor of Leighon and we had a great time.

In case you aren't aware of what the Buddy Walk is... its a "walk fundraiser" for the Down Syndrome Association of Northwest Indiana. These walks are held all over the country and some of the funding goes to the National Down Syndrome Assocation to help fund research, resources, etc.

Despite its frequency, Down syndrome is the least funded of the conditions serviced by the National Institutes of Health receiving approximately $17 million out of a total $28 billion budget.

The DSA is fully ran on donations and no funding from the government so these walks are uber important to our organization. As they fund our services as well as the group that does alot of our political advocacy and research.

She wasn't sure about all those kids in one place. Can't say I blame her! 

Kids at the Leighty-Bug walk!

She loves her daddy! He's quite a catch. :)

Team Leighty-Bugs - 2013

Look how lyoung and small my peanut was!

IT was the first year for our team but our second walk. 
It's such a great day to celebrate all of our friends and loved ones. I look forward to it every year! But I still get pretty choked up. It's a lot to take in sometimes.

I will share more tomorrow from this year's walk after the day has ended. Hope to see everyone in our area at the walk.

Until next time...


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