All you need is love...

When someone told me to just love my daughter, I thought, well, DUH! But it's just as simple as that statement. As simple as the song says, thank you Beatles. Really, love is all our children need. The more you show, the more they grow.

My husband once said, "I never want our daughter for one second of her life. to think that she isn't loved." Again, well, DUH! But its true. I think of that simple, yet powerful thought, every time she needs discipline. I think of that statement every time she comes to me for a hug or reaches for me to hold her. All she needs is love.

Therapies are great. Schools and inclusion, great. Love. That's the real answer. And that's just what I'll do.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts over the last month. If you haven't enjoyed them, maybe you took away a thing or two that you'll share with the world or a friend at the very least. Maybe you are a bit more aware of what Ds is and how we 'talk about it.' Even better, maybe now you are talking about it with just ONE other person. That's better than it was just 20 years ago. That's my only goal. Awareness.

Even if my mom is the only reader. She too is a bit more aware. Because of that, she can spread her knowledge and so on and so forth. Awareness has to start somewhere and it has to be now.

Please feel free to share my blog as I will continue to write about my thoughts and probably more than I should. I would also like to hear your thoughts on my blog, posts, Down syndrome, etc. so please feel free to leave a comment. I received some substantial traffic this month and I am so grateful to everyone that read it, shared it and came back for more.

Thursday will be my last post for the 31 for 21 series and rightfully it will be a holiday themed post because I have some stars that need to shine their light. But my fun won't stop there.

Thanks again and..

Until next time..


  1. I loved all your posts this month. I really enjoyed reading what you had to say :)

  2. Thanks Jenny! I appreciate your comments too. They keep me going :)


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