I gotta say, today was a good day...

lah lah lah la la la... (My best interpretation of Ice Cube's classic.)

It wasn't anything special. LB wasn't even in a really good mood. But it was one of those days. One that I didn't feel ashamed of what I was feeding them. Where Ash didn't scream until she puked at naptime. No one had any life threatening injuries. I only cleaned up one mess from the dogs. Dinner was edible. I didn't want to lock myself in my room and cry.

These might sound like simple things to judge a day by. But to me, they are HUGE. One little change and the whole day to go downhill. Fast. It's a delicate  balance. This whole full time Mommy kid is NO JOKE! No room for the weak here folks! Sure, it seemed like a breeze with one kid. What could be so hard with playing with my sweet baby all day? She eats, WE sleep, she gets up, we play and she goes back to sleep. Right?! BAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Throw in another kid. A spider-monkey, better yet. One that crawls quicker than a rat chasing a steak! She's like lightning. No joke. Just today I had an out of body experience. Here I am, sweeping the floor. Ash was looking out the sliding glass door. Shes safe. Check. Back to sweeping. Raise back up, shes in front of me. WHAT. THe. O M G! It was like something out of a movie. She JUST APPEARED! (Yes, this post deserves lots of caps. It shows my true feelings of making more of this than it is. And it's my blog. Deal with it.) \

Don't get me wrong. She's a sweet baby. She's a good baby. I am blessed, I know. But there are days that I wish one of them walked so I didn't have to carry both of them all day long. Well, my back wishes that. My heart loves every second of it. There are days that I just need another hand. Days that I don't think will ever end.

Lately, as in - this week, they have both been teething. Then we traveled for a week and a half. Had two birthday parties for LB and I took myself on a trip to the ER for good measure. It's been a whirlwind around these parts. To top it off, we are all stuffed up with some sinus/allergy funkiness these ;ast few days. I think the cornfield is getting to us. Seriously.

Yet, we still managed to smile through it all and do some art today. It was quite nice. For about 10 minutes. Then Ash got a kick to the face, LB began to scream. Again. And we were moving on to eating finger paint coated veggie straws. Better than sand, right?

Nonetheless, it was a project I can now check off. A fun/creative time with the girls so I can wear my mommy cap proudly today. They had veggies and fruit with their cheesy puffs. No one bled. Mom is ready for another day.

I love that they can still smile in pics.
I know the truth lil ladies! 

Until next time...


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