You got a friend in me....

My girls are going to be the best of pals! I just know. I believe it; I hope for it. There are many moments when the song from Toy Story rings in my head and I think to myself... see, that's what having a sister is like. I really treasure the bond that they will have. No pressure girls.

Ash LOVES her sister. She wants to be where she is. Do what she is doing. Touch her. Hug her. Hold her hand. Touch her hair. Just. Be. Near. LB. LB wants nothing to do with it. Most of the time. Don't get me wrong, she's getting better. But it has taken nearly 7 months to get there.

Then it happened. The first fight. And now, the all out punishment from her older sister. That first fight started from a small toy exchange. Ash had the toy that LB likes most, second most. Then today, she had THE prized possession. Her iPad. She unleashed the furry and headbutted her. SHE HEADBUTTED her! Not once, but 3 times. It took me that long to grasp what she was doing. I was shocked! So was Ash frankly. Then her bottom lip puckered and I wasn't sure if it hurt her physically as much as it hurt her feelings. I was crushed for her. Her best bud just assaulted her.

Usually we know LB feels bad because she will quickly hug or pat you if she has remorse. Nuh uh. Not this time. She was serious. That was her territory and she wasn't playin. She went through an odd spell when Ash was born as she wasn't quite sure why Mommy suddenly had to care for someone else so she CLUNG to Daddy, the Nanny, her therapists. That broke my heart.

She's finally coming around though and they will be buds again tomorrow I am sure. Ash is becoming quite the tough gal though. So that's a plus. In due time, I am sure the tables will turn a time or ten and I will have to tell LB this story.

So I snap the cute pics when I can and know that they will treasure these cute pics many moons from now.

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