T21 Tuesday :: Milestones or Mountains

As we awaited the results of our CVS test when we heard that something could be wrong going on with our LB, I did the ever forsaken task of researching Down syndrome on the internet. There were a few types of information sources. There were the medical journals, that were clearly the CTA (cover their ass) discussions. The blogs that made everything about Ds associated with religion. The stories you DON'T want to hear; as in the worst case scenarios. Then there were the blogs that were real. The stories that told you how mad they were when they found out. The one's that talked about life not being so different; that proved that there is much more to be desired than dreaded.

These were the one's that I clung to. I wanted to hear about the stories where their kids met or exceeded expectations. I wanted to hear the stories of ability and not disability. Maybe it's because I am a hopeful person. Or maybe it's because I didn't want to cast doubt on our unborn child. Whatever the reason, I really started to find my groove with the blogs.

I find that to still be true now that LB is here and amazing us day in and day out. Just yesterday, she was in her crib for naptime. She wasn't ready to go to sleep just yet so she started playing with Scout. Scout began singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. An all time fave of LB's. That's the equivalent of her Nursery Rhyme JAM! She proceeded to follow Scout in his rendition by signing the ENTIRE song, unprompted, and then praised herself with a clap, a laugh and a little jiggle. I cried with joy to watch this little display of entertainment. She'll do it on occasion but when she notices you watching her, she stops. You don't pay for tickets, she ain't performing. Simple, yet powerful.

Last week, she fed a baby doll, wrapped her in a blanket and cuddled her. This weekend at the wedding, she wrapped my mother's shaw around her shoulders and showed us how pretty she was. All unprompted.

These are all typical acts of a girl, you might say. But to my LB and to me, they are milestone's of great achievement. Never do I doubt her! Let me first just say that. I see her mind working constantly; processing what she sees and thinking about what you are doing. She doesn't always show you that she is comprehending what she sees, so that leaves you to wonder. Being that her communication is still developing, you don't know from her words what she is retaining.

We push her in therapy and ask her to perform certain tasks. We write down her accomplishments and praise her abilities. We show her WHAT to do and sometimes she will follow suit. These are all wonderful learning tasks, but it's the simple small gestures that make my heart smile. Its these little mountains that make me know our LB is truly special and understands so much more than we can ever calculate or track on paper.

So when I think about the stories where people tell me about the "someone I knew one time that had Ds" or the sisters cousins friend who they knew had Ds that could walk across the street alone or brush their hair or whatever.. those are great and they could have been their mountains. To my LB, she's no different than her sister. Sure she has 47 chromosomes, but I want people to read my blog and know that she's just like any other little girl. She likes her music, likes to dance, likes her babies, loves her Daddy (& mommy too), her puppies, clothes, organizing, Elmo and her iPad. She's more alike than different. She's making mountains her milestones and that's how we'll keep pushing her! By moving mountains! Raising our little girls to be wonderful, caring and loving.

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  1. Ah little LB, she is up to great things these days! I have loved following along on your blog Shona :)


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