Sunday's Bolden Chronicles :: Weddings, School & Birthday's Oh MY!

Boy are the Bolden's going to be busy in the coming weeks. This week we are heading to KY for my little brother's wedding. Then we return for Daddy's first week back to school. Sad face. THEN, it's LB's 2nd birthday bash here in IN. THEN it's back to Louisville for her 2nd 2nd Birthday Bash, the Ville Football season kickoff game, and finally my other brothers wedding. Pheww... that list alone makes me exhausted!

Now you know I ain't makin anything easy on myself. The hubs and I have been knockin out some landscaping needs that were desperately awaiting our attention. I am in Pinterest HELL from this party. Glad I can use the same stuff for both parties (I hope to at least). Being a Sesame Street theme, there are so many boards and things to use. But I gotta make it my own, of course. It's Buddy Walk planning time which means the website needs attention for the DSA. Oh and Ash is pulling to stand, crawling like crazy and teething on top of it. LB has her post op appointments too. Throw in a change of schedules to that madness and you have one hectic month ahead.

Oy... but ain't nobody complaining. Just gotta make sure to keep my command center updated so nothing falls through the cracks. SO, if I get off track a bit or forget to post... you now why.

Currently in our world... LB had surgery on Thursday. All went well and it took less than 30 minutes. We were shocked. The hardest part is keeping a 2 yr old from rubbing her eyes. I mean it's HARD! And putting medicine in them. Her right eye was the worst but it's much better now and she has shown us no shortage of tears to prove it. Not because she is in pain, but because she is a drama queen.

Ash (as I mentioned before) is pulling up to standing in her crib. So, we are moving her crib to the lowest level now. She also had her vaccinations on Friday. They have kept her quite upset. That stinkin rotovirus liquid is the devil. Both LB and Ash have had issues with it. Her poor little tummy has been a mess since. Add in teething too, she's not a happy camper.

Toots is acting out too. She's had 3 accidents this week in the house while we have left. I am not sure what her deal is lately. She went SO long without having any. Now, she's just mad or old or both. Not sure but we are at our wits end with it.

Oh, and I went brunette or cinnamon or something of that shade.

Anyhoo... here's a few smiles to share with you and buy me some time until the next post.

Until next time...


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