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Remember when I came out of my closet, FOR AN Organizing UPDATE??? Well, I promised you then that I would share my how I did it post about my jewelry organizer. It's far from fancy friends. Seriously.

You see, I am borderline hoarder. I have it in my blood. My parents are, grandparents are. It's bound to happen. I try to say that my spaces have their own place but in all seriousness, I could be a dead cat away from it being an issue. Not really. The only trash I keep are toilet paper rolls, tops of empty 2 liters, diaper boxes, cereal boxes, oh and these.

This is the sign to our wedding directions; Styrofoam from some packaging of who knows what
old material and a handkerchief. 
One man's trash... does that count if it's your own trash? I have no idea where the Styrofoam came from. I just know that when I saw it, it looked like a great shape. So I kept it. One of those.. I'll use it for something. 2 years later, maybe more, I found something!

Arrow 1 - chopsticks; Arrow 2 - foam board; Arrow 3 - Styrofoam
So, remember those signs from the wedding... I hot glued those puppies to a handkerchief and used some push pins for my long necklaces.
The chopsticks at the top hold my earrings that are too large or too fragile to be put into a drawer. Another set of chopsticks were used here too... I duct taped two of them together and put my bracelets on it.

Lastly, you have the trashy Styrofoam covered in some material and used for my smaller necklaces and loose bracelets. I hung them all by hot glueing pop can tabs to the back. That is seriously my new "thing" because I have done it with so many things lately!

Then I took some command hooks and hung it all. Easy peasy!

Everything is viewable and easy to get to. I LOVE IT! Whatcha think?

Until next time...


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