Everytime I think of the word Courage, I think of the cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. I mean that Cat was funny! Put-em up, put-em up!

Over the weekend, I have watched LB become more and more courageous. You can watch as her determination grows with her confidence and see her little face light up. She stands at great lengths unassisted now and is so eager to get to another location, that I really think it could be any day. All she needs is a little clap to cheer her on and buddy, she will keep it up as long as you clap! It's quite adorable. Ash just learned to clap this weekend too so I think we have a recipe for success on both ends.

I mentioned before that I had no idea what everyone was talking about when they said mothers to children with special needs work so much harder. Now that we have Ash to learn from, I do see that we have to do more teaching with LB, but I don't see it as a bad kind of work. I do see the cognitive instinct that Ash has just by osmosis. She just picks things up out of nowhere. I also see things clicking for LB. It's really neat to watch.

When I was pregnant and while she was smaller, other parents told me that there will be weeks that she might accelerate cognitively and sometimes it will be physically. Now that she is approaching 2, I see that much more. Last week she was signing and SPEAKING, REPEATING things out of nowhere! I was so proud of her. This week she is standing for almost a minute unassisted and not holding onto anything. So there are ebs and flows. (Is that how the saying is spelled?) Anyhoo..

I often wonder if we are doing enough. If I made the right decision in stopping OT; if I am doing enough activities through out the week. Am I super mom or mediocre mom? Is she getting enough nutrients - our biggest challenge these days - or will she survive on cheesy puffs and chicken nuggets.  Then she will throw me a curve ball and pick toast over a pop tart or a banana over a cracker. Is she watching too much TV, too much iPad?

Then I am on Pinterest.. is their playroom designed for developing their small minds? Did I hug them enough today. Do they feel abandoned or this or that... EITEOWI>":,e[2p3 2`NWOEHG)#* V!Q)!! My mind goes wild and I just grab my girls, have a tickle fest on the floor, share a cookie at dinner, and splash water at each other. Because I am doing the best I can and loving my kids with all my heart. Ash says Mommmmm momm momm, LB asks for a hug and my heart crumbles, and I know its all going to be OK.

I might have kids that LOVE carbs and sweets as their mother does. Picky eaters and messy playrooms. and LB might need a cheering section for the rest of her life. I might not do as many activities as the next mom, as clean of a house, some stained clothes, pop tarts in the hair on occasion, but I have tickle fests, hat balancing, splashing fun and my kids love me. So that's all that matters!

Until next time...


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