Excuse me, but I seem to have lost my summer.

Like, WOW, it's nearly over! Another summer close to being finished and another school year upon us. I am not even going to comment on what happens after school starts because outside of the holidays, Ash's first birthday and crock pot meals, it gets pretty dull in these parts. I am so sad to see it end but I have to admit, the 70 degree weather this week had me yearning for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I do love them so. You can obviously tell which body part I think with.

Boy have we been busy in the last few weeks! It will only get sweeter and busier from here so I am updating this blog in advance. Can't have my 3 readers missin me anymore! Both of my brothers are tying the knot in the next few weeks as well as fairs, farms and zoo's -OH MY! Sprinkled with a surgery for LB on top. Ain't nobody got time for that!
Summer Fun 2013

So what has been keeping the B's busy you might ask? Well, let's begin with the lovelies, shall we? The Bolden Girls have earned their road trip badges this year, that's for sure. Everything from a few visits to the cottage riding on the new boat, several to KY and also visited SIU to see Daddy's old stomping grounds from his college days.

Not to mention a whole bucket of fun at every doctor in town. We hit up the ENT, Dentist, Eye Dr., regular pediatrician, orthotics, you name it, we saw them. As Mommy suspected, LB has to get tubes in her tear ducts. Eeek. It's not a really invasive procedure - which is stellar news - but its a procedure, nonetheless. We escaped removing the tonsils and adenoids for now as her ENT wants to try her on meds first. I was kind of on the fence about this one. I have heard so many kiddo's doing so well once these puppies are gone so I was really looking forward to seeing some improvements in speech, walking, etc. But NOT looking forward to the healing. I hear day 10 is a doozey! That was from a momma with a typical kiddo. And the meds add a whole other bucket of fun.  So we shall save all those goodies for another time.

Luckily, we are only on our second ear infection - EVER! But that has been 2 in the last 2 months. Lucky us, eh? I still don't see a lot of change in her sleeplessness with this medicine. Her sleep apnea is only mild to moderate right now but she is just not rested. I do hope we figure this out soon as our gal is quite cranky when she is tired and that usually happens right smack in the middle of her therapy sessions. Fun times and luckily they are patient women who I have grown quite fond of.

There really isn't any comparison of what our gal is having done to that which a few of our friends are going through. We went to the zoo with Miss Zoe in Louisville and she was rocking it just 4 weeks post open heart. This is her and LB checkin out this hot dude/dudette at the zoo. Too cute!

Just so precious <3

Our pal, Lil' superhero JD is also rockin it after open heart this week. Shout out to the Gawel's, Woot woot!! You can check them out over at their blog. It's a great one to follow. JD's Mom is a wonderful writer and his Dad is a former coworker of mine.

She's growing up too fast! 
In other highlights, LB isn't walking yet but shes getting oh-so-close. But she IS standing a lot. Ash on the other hand is crawling like a MAD WOMAN! Selfishly, I can't say I am in a huge rush for LB to grasp walking just yet. The lazy side of me needs them to be in somewhat of the same general area at once until I can get my cardio up to par. Momma's back in the gym and it ain't pretty! 

I know I am really in for it when LB does take off though. I'm sure it will happen just as soon as J starts back to school. That's how my luck rolls. She is quite the little pistol as the terrible twos are upon us and comin at full force! Arms crossed, belting out this screaming AT THE TOP of her lungs, fake cry while her eyes are covered by both hands! DRA-MA QUEEN! Can't wait to catch that one on film.

Isn't she the cutest little nugget!
Ash is just as happy as punch most of the time. Until she is hungry. Then her inner diva comes out. My mom calls her Mariah. She's also cutting teeth like crazy and ready for any kind of food you will give her. Her first tooth
made its debut last week and finally became visible this week while it's new neighbor is also trying to make an appearance. Pics to come on those pearlys as soon as I can snag one. She too is a pistol and SO STRONG! It still amazes me how much she picks up without teaching her. I just had no idea how much work it has been to teach LB everything until Ash came along. I guess it has never felt like work.. just raising out little girl to be the best she can be. Ash has shown me how much cognition a baby can possess at such a young age. I just had nothing to compare a child to with LB, but hat's a post for another day. 

We have been working on the house like madmen around here. The playroom is almost done!! Daddy's man cave and Mommy's mom cave are done too. Those posts are coming too. I am going to saturate this blog with all things Mommy so get ready peeps! That includes my fun adventures with power tools and a spatula! Watch out now!

I've rambled enough for the night..

Until next time...


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