And then it was July!

We must  be having some fun because time is seriously flying! Where is the summer going, for real? I literally choked when I realized that Ash turned 6 months old 2 days ago. SERIOUSLY?! It feels like yesterday we were going to the hospital to deliver her.

On the other hand, I look at Leighton and gasp at her growth. She is getting SO BIG and doing OH SO WELL! Here's the lowdown on the Bolden family happenings for the summer....

-Leighton had to get her tear ducts checked out. As mommy suspected, they are blocked. No biggie though. We'll get those puppies taken care of in an outpatient procedure that sounds easy enough. I love her eye dr. so I am feeling OK with it thus far.

-Same night of the eye check-up, we went for a sleep study. Per her ENT doc, 50% of people with Ds have sleep apnea. There was no doubt or question in my mind that she had it as she had ALL of the signs: snoring, restless sleeping, sleeps folded in half, stops breathing during sleep, wakes up not fully rested. We just had to get the documentation to prove it really. Her tonsils are a medium size he explained and so they could be removed. We actually don't get the full results of the next steps until Monday. The did the sleep study over 2 weeks ago and the nurse was kind enough to call us this week to share the news: mild-moderate sleep apnea. Moderate when she is in a deep sleep.

The good news is that they can do both procedures at the same time given we can get the doc situation worked out. Her eye doc is through Christ hospital and her ENT is through the University of Chicago. We'll figure something out because I will not allow them to put her under twice when there isn't a need.

The sleep study itself wasn't much fun, but Leighton did so well. I heard some serious horror stories from other parents. Many who told me that they left in the middle of it. So like any procedure we face with our LB, I planned for the worst and hoped for the best.

My poor lil gal

At least 40+ wires

 You can't really tell with the gauze on her head but she had wires on everything. It's really interesting to me that they haven't developed a helmet for these types of instances. I mean, they come up with fake body parts and organs, but the process of testing is so antiquated that is baffles me. I digress... she made it through nonetheless. Mommy was quite tired, on the other hand. Daddy and Ash also shared their first night solo while Bug and I were at the study. They too made it through.

-During the same chain of events, LB also stood ON HER OWN! Yup, you read it right, she shot right up and out of no where. I am so happy for her. She is standing and cruising on everything now. It's awesome! She wants to walk SO BAD! She will even allow you to hold her hands (on occasion) to allow her to take a few steps.

-Ash is on all fours and she is NUTS! She is going to be crawling in NO TIME!! I will seriously have them going in opposite directions by the end of summer. Just in time for Daddy to go back to work. Lovely. I might need to step up the cardio for these gals!

Ash is growing so so fast! It makes me so sad and so excited all at the same time. I want to see her grow but I am sad that she isn't my little baby anymore. I am so excited to see all that she is learning though. Her little mind and body are developing so differently than Leighton did so it's a completely different experience for us.  Neither good nor bad, just different.

I love seeing the two of them together. Ash is obsessed with Bug and Bug is really adjusting to being a big sister very well. She has learned to say "shhhh" and hold her tiny little finger to her mouth. Ash loves putting her arm around Bug and laughs at everything she does. It's quite adorable.

I have a new phone so I am still trying to get my old pics from the old phone. There are so many things I have been working on in the house and SO SO Many pics to share of the girls. Promise to make the next post all picture fun.

For now, this will have to do...

Until next time,


  1. Yaay for standing on her own, how exciting!! Pretty soon those two girls will be on the move and between the two of them you will not get a moments rest! lol


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