Lights, Camera, TAKE THE PICTURE!

Those were the words that ran through my head as we tortuously tried to rally our two little gals for pics today. We went to a chain photographer with the intentions of buying the $14.99 package they so graciously advertise.

Now, being that we went to the same place when Leighton was 6 months old and got a BUTTLOAD of pics, I felt some obligation to do the same when Ash was the same age. Minus the costly amount of money. So, my thoughts, get a family pic and one of the girls together. These are the 2 shots I struggle with when taking pics because I can't do these shots AND be in them or doing so alone. SO, off we went.

Here was the scene:

Ash takes a cap nap and huge dump on the way to the place. She's in great spirits. I was praying the blowout wasn't a stainer and up her back. Luckily, we were safe and I changed her right there in the floor of the studio. Hindsight, probably should have ran to the bathroom, but I had some pressure from the photogs to "get started" as they wooed LB with a funny monkey.

LB is busy taking off her bow, then her shoe, back to the bow, shoes, bow, shoes... and then socks. You see where this is going. Daddy is being put on the floor and he's looking at me with daggers because he's not a huge fan of this place at all.

Now we are being shuffled around and whisked about to "get the shot" all the while, trying to tame our toddler who hasn't had her cat nap (but desperately needed one) and could really use a snack. This photog hasn't seen the likes of children much because she's not too far from high school herself. They started with two and now we are down to one. One that isn't doing well to entertain smiles out of my kids. Not to mention, who didn't even have the courtesy to tell me I had hair sticking up like Alfalfa. OH, and did I throw in that she took pics of my girls from the NON-BOW friendly side? You can see the clips but no bow. Lovely lady! Off to a great start eh?

It's about 5 "color changes" in and they have taken a navy blue, white background and now we are on to some scary forest thing that scares me. Seriously?! this is the best ya got?

Fast forward to nearly missing a meltdown, we are 'finished' with the shoot and now we are tortured  into listening to this hyena 'sell' us our $14.99 $639.99 package. WHO PAYS THAT?! And for the crap quality of the pics that were taken? I have better pics on my cell phone.

Of course, I am the jerk that buys them because I want the darn CD. Just for the family shot and the ones of my girls by themselves. Our package was much more than we planned but we got out with a few items that can be edited. Or at least I hope. I am sickened with disappointment.

Why did I go, you might be asking? Well, I planned to get the girls pics taken with a friend back at home who does some great work. It fell through on our trip because the girls were both sick. I haven't been home since to reschedule. As well, J hasn't been going with us and I wanted a family shot while Ash was still a baby. I seriously have one picture of her up in our house. Yup, feeling guilty.

And the rules! Can't do black and white on a package. Can't do this; Can't do that. BLAH BLAH BLAH! I have never in my life heard so many rules. Oh and you have to get the prints from them. The whole crap at the bottom, that's new. I mean why would they want you to go somewhere else and get a $.59 print when you can get it from them for $20?! Greedy jerks! Let's just stamp it and then they can't copy them. HA! Yea, right. I have paid for them already, don't ya think?!

worst background ever
Not to worry though, because the hubs has since promised to do a shoot with her on one of our trips down this year. Then with all of the weddings coming up, hopefully we can get some good ones at those too.

I knew better than to go to that horrible place. I had a friend who has an awesome headshot of her son and I guess I had wishful thinking that we could get the same. I have made my hubs swear that he will not allow me to go back to that wretched place. They are crooks! EVIL crooks that prey on the emotions of seeing your little ones in pics. I will not go back!

For the sake of using these pics in some fashion, I give you the best of what we could get from today. All I can say.. never go to Portrait Innovations. EVER!

Until next time...


  1. yeah photography shouldn't be like this! My sister is a professional photographer and has her own studio...she has heard some horror stories, they are not artists but sales people...having said that the girls on their won is such a cute shot xxx


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