Let's Brag a Bit, Shall We?

Ok.... I am going to be that mom for a minute and brag on my gals. It's been a week (or 2) full of milestone meeting in this hiz-ouse! Both of the Bolden Girls are kickin butt an takin names and I couldn't be happier.

Ash loves her toes
(Not sure why this pic is so distorted. Apologies)
Let's see... who shall we start with. Ash it is! This little nugget is rockin it at a solid 17 lbs. She is sitting up on her own, rolling all over the place and is sportin a smile that will melt your heart. Love that lil bunch of goodness! She's sittin pretty in 12 month clothes and shows no signs of slowing down. Don't forget she's only 2 days shy of 5 months. Her Sophie giraffe is her BFF right now as she's drooling and teething like no other. Sleep training is her biggest complaint these days because this sista ain't so fond of falling asleep on her own. She prefers mommas comfort quite a lot. Truth be told, momma quite enjoys her snuggles too. It's a dual-training that's killin both of us. However, what momma does like is the ability to have both BG's asleep at the same time each day. It's the most blissful quiet hour of the day!

While Ash is struggling with the sleepytime changes, her appetite isn't shy. She's steadily putting away solids and loving her some peas. Mommy's making homemade baby food but more on that for another day. I'm one dreadlock away from becoming a hippy and one shower away from dreadlocks. Eek! There I go again, tellin my dirty business. Just keepin it real. No offense to dreadlocks or hippys, just not sure it's the look (or smell) for me.

LB is waitin on no one these days, as she has learned to master climbing the stairs, pulling up on anything
Git Dog-dog!
that's standing and yelling at the dogs. Yup, you heard me, YELLING at the top of her little lungs, tiny finger pointing and all, to "GIT Dog-dog!!!!" It's usually followed by something that I will presume is baby profanity and then another screeching "GIT Dog-dog, mumble mumble."  While I find this gesture quite amusing, I know that she has learned this entire scenario from none other than yours truly. I still chuckle every. Single. Time. Can't help it.

Heaven forbid we wash their beds
Our poor fur babies have taken a serious back seat. Let's even call it the 'truck bed seat' if you will. They can't catch a break (but the scraps they hear falling from a toddlers fingers.) My hubs tells me they are spoiled, yada yada, but I really feel bad for them. PC (pre-children) they had daily massages, went to day care every week and dinners were prepared with love and care. These days they are lucky if we remember to feed them at a reasonable hour and walks are a treat for everyone. Speakin of treats, their usual "bone" days are gone. Just like Florence and her machines sing about, the dog days are over. The Bolden Girls are now in charge and ruling everyone, including the dogs.

LB's also in her own form of turbo-mommy torture as I am beginning to take away that golden jewel, aka., the bottle. Can't let one kid roll solo on the suffering. It's equal opportunity here folks. Seriously though, I couldn't be more proud of where she is. All therapists have said she is doing VERY well and exceeding many goals. She's had gold stars and A+'s in all therapies for the last couple of weeks. That hasn't happened since... well, EVER! Now that her chompers made their way into the world, she's a different kid. Not to mention the liver drama finally being OVA! SuuuWeeeet!!!

Which leaves me with the only other pitiful soul in the house, the hubs. He's wrapping up the softball season and school year this week. I can't wait to have the additional hands around the house. He and I have also signed up for the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. We'll keep you posted on the outcome of that. I am not sure he's sold on it yet because he looks like I am cutting his 'you know what's off' as we I drag him there. That's ok, come Thursday, he will have so much fun as we plant our garden and work in the yard. See honey, class wasn't so bad was it?
The Bolden's at the DSA Awards Night

As for myself... well, I am still wrapping my head around being home full time but loving every second. I am so blessed to have a husband that is willing to work as hard as he can to make all of his girls happy. It's also amazing how much you need to do and want to do in comparison to what you actually get done. The more I WANT to do around the house, the less I accomplish. I think that might be due to the mommy boot camp I have going over here with training this one this and that one that. Nonetheless I have pulled a few tricks outta the bag and will share those manana with my organizing post. While the pics are lacking to share on my not-so-up-to-date blog, I do find I blog alot in my head and get to posting them eventually. No spoiling the fun. See ya on the flip side!

We got a busy summer ahead folks so please keep all arms and legs inside of the ride at all times. It's gonna get NUT-T!

Until next time..


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