Planned Execution

So here's the dealio, I'm a fantastic planner and a very poor executioner. I'll admit it. So you can imagine my excitement when I actually do something I say I'm gonna do. You'd think I win a prize or sumthin. Heck, in my world, I have! I have freed space in my busy mind. It's a jungle up there folks, so space is limited.

Well the same is true for the opposite scenario as well. When my plan is fouled by someone other than yours truly (insert self pointing thumbs), my angst and anxiety get all fired up. 

And then I became a stay-at-home mom. These days my 'plans' are laughable yet necessary. I'm almost 2 months into this new gig and while many days are out of control, miraculously a routine has emerged amongst the chaos. We seem to be pretty consistent through the week and actually have some lots of fun. The weekends are still a bit challenging because daddy's home and kinda throws us off sometimes because we gotta love on him while we can. But we'll get that nipped in the butt come summer vacay though! He ain't souring these reigns of power. I am mommy, hear me roar!

What have I accomplished, you may be asking?  Let me tell ya ma'friend... First, I finally braved the Walmart alone; with the girls; all because I'm cheap and wanted some organizing boxes. I've been eyeing several pins lately that we're burning a hole in my creative mind so I had to make my move while the motivation was hot! 

Behold my friends, these were some of the goodies I tried AND they worked! Holy smokes, I might be on a roll. 

(My phone pics don't do it justice.)

Here are a few of the laundry room and garage- in progress. A sampling, if you will. 

I shall not give up and will be back for more so tune in next week for another attempt of DI-Myself. Or the story of the unsuccessful attempts. Hey, who am I kidding... I'm a rookie at this thing called life. Throw in a hammer or tools, it could go any way. Just sayin. 

Until next time,


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