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First things first, Ashlyn is adjusting well to the fam. She doesn't seem to be ready to head out on us yet so I'm guessing she'll put up with us for a tad while longer. She's a rockstar eater and daddy already has her future mapped out. I'm guessing that goes for all of us though. She's in her big girl bed, sleeps mostly through the night, almost sitting & rolling everywhere. She has the cutest coos and goos, and reallly enjoys mommy holding her. Mommy realllly likes holding her too so it's a win win for everyone, until mommy needs to potty.

Lb is hanging on to her rockstar reputation and manages to capture our hearts a little more every day. She is up to multiple signs, crawls like a crab, pulls up in her crib, says some words- pretty sure she said I love you today, and can rock out some fine motor skills with puzzles and toys. Oh and shes much better at naptime and still trying new foods. It's such an unbelievable feeling to see her reach her milestones. She works so hard!! I literally cry tears of joy when she high fives me! I've never had a better high five.

The other 'girls' are still recouping the dethroning they had when LB arrived. However, both seem to be doing much better now that they have a few incentives. Lb makes certain of that. Toots is having some leg issues but were getting her checked out. Porsche is still a rambunctious beast and will take attention from anyone that'll give it. That's what happens when your dethroned. I should've made them watch Lady and the Tramp before the girls were born. Lol!

J is coaching girls HS softball again so we don't get to see much of him during the week. It'll be so nice to have summers off though. Or will it!? Maybe more for me than him... He might miss the quiet drive and time alone.

Me? Well I'm still adjusting to being a SAHM. It's funny... It's scary....it's so stinkin hard! It's the job that never ends, no clock out time, no check out time, no lunch breaks, nothing. But it's wonderful! I've taken the last couple of weeks to try to get a routine down and form some kind of schedule. My planning mind wouldn't allow otherwise. Now I'm looking for my outlet. Really just time TO HAVE an outlet. But we're finding our groove and the possibilities are exciting. I mean, I do have the cutest co-workers a gal could ask for!

I'm starting a mommy blog soon. Technically, this kinda is one... so heres your warning... this blog will auto transform in x minutes. just kidding. seriously though..Since I've spent so long working with the Internet, love being a mommy, love crafting and working on my home projects, why not write about all of it as I've always wanted to and see where it takes me. Won't know till ya try, right? Here goes nothing.

Did I also mention my new obsession with The Walking Dead?

Until next time...

oh and a pic to tide you over until next time.

Because they are just too cute not to share. 


  1. LOVE the Walking Dead!!! Cute picture of the girls too, they are getting so big!

  2. Thanks Jenny! They are a wonderful handful. :) ME TOO and to think, we have to wait 4 months to even see a glimmer of another episode!


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