Or-gan-ize! Lets do this!

It's spring. Well technically. Right now I think Mother Nature is having a hissy fit about global warming or something and torturing NWI with a few more weeks of winter. Or the groundhog rules are backwards... More on that another time.

Oh yea, back to spring. So, with spring is new beginnings. What perfect timing as I'm embarking in a newfound career?! Great marketing line-up, thanks atmosphere. Much obliged. Anyhoo, I like to think spring=new=fresh! Start over. Clean up and clean out! Well I got a leap on it this year and have my spring cleaning list in full gear!

To get this party started, I've compiled my list of organizing fun I'll be sharing over the next few weeks/months/years. Don't judge me. I'm a free agent so my projects have no time stamp. Holla!

On to the cabinets!
In the kitchen:
-Still need to tidy up a few spaces.. oh, and the Fridge. My nemesis.
In the bath(s):
-Under the cabinets
-Boxing up and making it accessible

A few files to be (un)seen.
-Leightons therapy and medical paperwork
-manuals and receipts
-taxes and such
-command center - please don't judge my work by my first attempt. It's redneck ghetto at its finest. Better luck on the flip side.

-closets oh my! Or lack thereof!

Oh and I'll have before, progress of, aftermath pics to share too. So, lets do work friends! Check in every Monday for my updates. It could be fun or unfun too.

Until next time...


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