My CEO's

Lets face it, they run me.

I'm not complaining here.. Just stating the facts. I've tried my hardest for the last two weeks to establish a schedule, organize our home for optimal performance and obtain an efficient routine for everyone's daily pleasure.

I was shot down like a fly in a trap; like a zombie in the head; a deer in a hunters view. Done. Just like that! No explanation of why. No suggestions for improvement. No good jobs or atta-girls were given. Nothin.

The CEO's aren't havin it. It's their way or the highway. I suck it up and take it, or hit the highway back to work. Cause they ain't havin it!

Maybe week three will be better and they'll enjoy eating, sleeping, dry diapers, and if im lucky, maybe a craft or two. Who knows. Maybe they won't. What I did learn is that they are the bosses. They rule the roost. I'm a mere transmitter of their happiness.

Weeks one and two might be a wash, but I have hope for the future. Because sooner or later they will learn the fine art of bribery and i will shamelessly use it to my advantage! Unlike my career self, ill do whatever it takes to please these CEO's, as long as I win in the end, of course. Ill learn to be cut throat and how to play the game. Time to anty-up mom! These sheriffs are no joke! I need more backbone or they're gonna eat me alive!

Yup, I'm scared, but I'm also ready. So I'm tossing this idea of a schedule out the window for now and saddling back up.

Until next time...


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