Sleep training

When does it get easier? Will my child ever stop screaming like I've cut her face before laying her down? It's truly torture. Just when I think we have a good system, something/life interferes and it's like we're starting over.

I know it's for her own good but we've been at it for 12 weeks now and it's still rough. Today was 51 minutes before she stopped screaming. (Changed this number 3 times before I finished the post)

I keep telling myself that the screams are her way of manipulating me but then I can't help it.. I feel like she believes I'm punishing her for something. I am doing this to myself, I get it. But it's just hard to hear your little one cry. Especially knowing you put her there.

I've tried:
•bottle in bed
•toy in bed
•door open
•door closed
•blinds open
•blinds closed
•music on & off

Still plugging away until we get that nice naptime ritual.

Any suggestions? Will she resent me for this?

Until next time...


  1. No help, just sympathy. We've had a number of sleepless nights due to teeth. They just all have to come in a one time! Good luck.

  2. It's ok for her to cry it out a little. It's tough to hear, but I say stick with it.

    Love the header picture!!! The girls look so much alike! Little cuties :)


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