So this is my life

In the last week, I've changed more blowout poopy diapers than I thought would be possible. I have been covered in snot, vomit, poop from 3 different sources ( don't ask where the 3rd is from), blood, more vomit (from many sources) and boogers too. All before 7 am. Leightons had so many blow outs and many of which resulted in a hose down WITH clothes on more than once in a weeks time. I'm quite sure there is a parental violation in there somewhere.

I looked in the mirror yesterday and literally shivered. You see, I've taken on the likes of a bear. I've been cooped up in my house for the last 6 weeks, aka hibernation. Yes, I'm serious. It's 20 below wind chills, everyone has the plague and i have two kids under 2.

Back to the frightful scene in the mirror. There is little to no time to address the root situation on top of my head. The bags under my eyes have bags as well and could rival a great Halloween mask. the unknown substances I am covered in could give scientists a real run for their money if they had to test them; I actually feared for my life the other day when I thought about smelling one of the 'smears' of said substances. To smell or not to smell. By the looks of my outer appearance, I dared not to And cut my losses for yet another piece of laundry.

I forgot to publish this post when it happened. Probably for reasons explained in the post. Thank goodness I'm a little more sane and much cleaner 6 weeks later. Still a fun read that I'm sure many moms can relate to with a new baby and a toddler.

Until next time,


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