Our newest addition

At 7:55 am on Friday, January 4th, our lil family of 3, became 4. Ashlyn Noelle joined us weighing in at 8.7 and was 19.5 inches long.,

Words can't describe the joy in my heart right now. I'm beyond ecstatic. She's so amazing!

I began this post on the 7th of January and am just finishing it up if that tells you what our life has been like. Our sweet baby girl is nothing short of precious and leighton is an amazing big sister but we have certainly endured some adjustments with all of the change occurring.

To spice things up a bit, we decided to sleep train Leighton during Ashlyn's first week of life. That's how we roll! Well, it sucked at first! I can't even lie. 5 weeks later, I'm so glad we did. She still cries a bit but her life is more consistent and so is ours.

Miss Ashlyn... Well she's been very interesting to get to know. She's such a cutie and looks so much like her dad most days that I have to remind myself that's she's a she. I've been nursing and in true Shona fashion, did it without studying first. I figured, how hard can it be?! Ha! Lol! Harder than anything I've ever done! More on that later.

She's also really loud. Like a little old man she grunts a lot. She screams and cries pretty loud too. We aren't used to that. It's all so adorable though and once I knew she was ok, it's just become who she is.

Our little nugget got acne on her face a couple weeks ago and that's been quite bad but other than that, she's rockin! Our little haas is weighing in at nearly 12 lbs And is already 23 inches! Jays in heaven because he wants to teach her to throw a curveball. I just wAnt her to sleep through the night.

Well, I promise to update more... But you've heard that before right?!

Until next time...


  1. I have been wondering how you were doing, glad you posted!! Congratulations on Ashlyn's arrival...She's a beauty, just like her sister :)

  2. Congratulation!! What a beautiful family, I am so happy for all of you.
    Lisa Forde


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