Therapy, Eye Doctor & Bloodwork- OH MY!

We've had a fun series of appointments lately. In celebration of Leightons one year of life, we also have auto reminders of various appointments she must get regularly. She has her 1 year booster shots, flu shot, bloodwork, eye doctor, Cardio visit, hearing test and her evaluation for First Steps. All within a month or so.

Now.. In the past I have freely expressed my frustrations, quite publicly, about our various resources. As with anything in life, I think it's one of those situations that just takes a little while to get into a groove. I will admit when I am wrong. I will say that I am growing closer to our network of folks. It has just taken some persistence and me vocalizing my opinions and issues/concerns when I have them. I've said it before, I will be Leightons voice for as long as I am needed. I will never apologize for that. With that said, I think it just took time to find the right people we wants to work with building the right network of supporters.

Fear drives a lot of those emotions. You have no idea what to expect. Your so scared about what 'could' be that you have a hard time living in the moment.

Well, this eye dr. visit taught me to chill a bit. Leightons eyesight is doing well and she doesn't need to be seen every 6 months now unless there are issues. I don't know why I worry about this because we all have glasses. I mean everyone in my family, most of Jays and then some.

The vaccines weren't as fun. She did great and even took on a mini walk in her honor at jays school just after. I4 shots an bloodwork too. It was 9 days later that things got rowdy. They told us she could get a rash and fever up to 30 days later.. Seems drastic but ok. An overachiever we do have on our hands! Fever, covered in bumps head to toe, cranky, can't sleep, hardly ate... It was awful!! I felt so bad for her. I hate seeing my baby sick. Nothing worse. But we made it through.

I'm still so new to motherhood and the whole vaccine convo can go so many ways, it's just hard to navigate.

Then there was the bloodwork. Her blood counts were high the first time so we had to redo it a week later. She's such a champ now and it barely phases her. Tough to watch for mommy still. We're waiting on those results from the doc and hope to get them tomorrow.

The hearing test and cardiologist visit are coming soon. Next week to be exact. Praying for good results on both!

That leaves her eval. In the past, they have been dreaded events. I have loathed the evaluators (well, really just one) and the entire process. This time, our prayers were answered! We had the best eval and Leighton was approved for speech and DT. They complimented our parenting and her development. She wowed them with her skills and made mommy so proud! Not to mention... We didn't have to downplay her abilities just so she would qualify for services. It was seriously a breath of fresh air. I wanna be bff's with the evaluators too. They were great!

Nonetheless, we're all a little stronger for these situations. We're a lot more knowledgeable and we were heard. It means the world to me to see my baby girls smile, feel her sweet kisses and squeeze her tiny little body and know that's she's getting to where she needs to be because jay and I are giving all effort needed to carve out her path.

Well stop at nothing for her as I'm sure most parents would for their kids.

Until next time...


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