A Mover and a Shaker

Leighton is all over the place! Literally! We are in the process of buying a baby jail so we can contain her. And I LOvE every second if it!!

Such a big girl at the eye dr! Notice the one shoe though.
With Leighton having Ds we always hear that there will be delays and in a way you plan for them, but you also hope for the best and pray they will be minimal or shell be an "exception."

Well, our little bug has taken off in the last couple of months. Probably why I haven't been posting as much too. I see a direct correlation for sure.

See Tootsie, Elmo is a Monster! Just one of her BFF's. 

She is actually sitting up on her own, feeding herself MANY things, scooting, getting into all fours for crawling, putting her toys away, turning pages in the books we read, finishing one book in particular, mimicking signs, using 3 signs so far and waving to everyone -when she's supposed to!!!

These may all seem so simple to everyone else, but to me, they are great achievements and I couldn't be more proud of our little girl. She's such a joy and words really can't express mine and Jays true love for her.

Until next time....


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