Screen time

How much is too much? I always said if never be one of those parents that gave my kid an electronic device an left them to be.

At 6 months my daughter had an iPad and free reign to mine and my husbands iPhone.

Now it's our savior! If I need a few minutes to do a chore or even make a call, get the iPad. I get at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.

Now she's hooked. She sees the phone and it's a beeline for it. You take the iPad away, it's a fit. Already! She's only 1!!

I know it's wrong yet I continue to do it. In my head, my justification is limiting the amount of time she gets. This is a point the hubs and I don't really agree on. He thinks it's good for her to interact and develop with. Coming from a gamer, it's a likely story.

I worry that it will have the same affect of the TV- that her development could be hindered. I'm also the worrywart in the relationship.

I didn't grow up with a joystick in my hand or a cellphone. I had a pager when I was old enough to pay for one. I did grow up in front of a TV. But I also played outside- alot! I rode my bike enough to make Lance Armstrong jealous. Some of my favorite memories were of me and the neighborhood kids playin kickball in the streets.

I just struggle with how much is too much? Will she develop ADD or have other delays because of the screen?Will it offer her more ways to communicate and learn new things?

Thoughts, suggestions?

Until next time...


  1. I try to limit screen time for my kids. It's a life saver at times though. Its a big help to be able to have the older two watch a movie while Kamdyn does therapy. I was a mean mom today, because I made them go outside and turn the tv off lol.

  2. Aw, she looks so cute with her Ipad! I don't think it's hurting anything for her to be spending a lot of time with those things...She is learning from them, so it's not just wasting time. As she gets older you will find that balance between playing on those things and playing outside :)


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