Princess waves

Leighton has learned to wave! She's waving at everyone and everything! It's the cutest.

Most recently, her PT came and per the usual, pushed Leighton to her limits right until the very end. A few minutes left to go in her session and Leighton is crying; irritated and ready for it to end. She kindly looks at her PT and gives her the wave.

Not hi, or bye, but the Ok-u-can-go-now wave. Hilarious and a moment I wish I could've witnessed or had on tape. I heard this via the nanny and still find it hilarious. She has such great comedic timing!

I just can't get enough of this kid!

Until next time,


  1. lol...Russell use to bring our PT her shoes when he had enough! haha

  2. Love, love your blog! This is really for jewelry lovers, more power to you!


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