All in a name

Jay and I have gone back and forth on baby B's name. Man, it's one of the toughest decisions ever!

Can't be too "common" or too "uncommon" yet has to sound good with the last name. Then you add in that Jays a teacher and we run in circles with it!

I always had my names for my kids picked out. But being one of the last of your friends group and one of the last in the family to have kids, those are scooped up from the first dibs rule.

We had Leightons name set EArLY! I don't like my baby's to be called it- hence baby B 2! And if she has a name, it's more real. Because to be honest, with a one year old, sometimes it's easy to forget you have another life inside of you. Well, at least until she jabs you in the bladder.

Low and behold though, we have settled on what we "think" will be her name. Drumroll please.....

Ashlyn Noelle

I'm sure it's similar to someone's name that I know so, you're welcome. :)

Now onto the nursery!! That's planned in my head already too. Would you expect anything less??

Until next time...


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