There's a test for that.

As I mentioned in my post about baby B squared, Jay and I decided to go ahead with the quad screen. This is a simple (well, it's supposed to be) blood test to tell you if there is a risk for a chromosomal abnormality. If there is a chromosomal abnormality detected, we'd have a CVS or Amnio. Which one given depends on gestation at the time the blood test came back. In case you're not familiar with either test, the CVS is less invasive than the Amnio but both have a risk of miscarriage.

As you can imagine, we prayed we wouldn't have to get to that decision. We had a CVS with Leighton and it would be my preference for this pregnancy too. Which brings me to the Dr. Visit. At my last appt. the nurse practitioner, (haven't met the dr yet, but that's another story.) tells me they don't do the quad screen and wont until I'm 16 weeks. Indiana is its own world, I am learning. Well this wasn't gonna fly with me. That would mean an Amnio was mandatory because you have to be under 15 weeks for a CVS. I think I shocked her when I raised a stink and nicely asked them to do it soon. She made some calls and proceeded to to tell me that Chicago was just more advanced than they were, but given my "history" they'd go ahead with the screen. Seriously?! Chicago is less than 40 miles away and you are THAT behind?

Nonetheless, they gave me the test that day. The time it took to get the test was quite alarming. Apparently I caused some serious chaos to the lab because "this hasn't ever been done" I was told. Go figure! Then it took over a week to get the results, leaving me at 14/15 weeks on the dot. I put in the divider because they have given me two different due dates. Like I said, whole different world out here!

The test comes back and they tell me it's negative for Ds and Trisomy 18. You'd think I'd be happy, right?! Well, it was an odd mix of emotions. I felt joy that 18 wasn't present. I felt guilt because Ds is familiar and I don't want to celebrate my new baby NOT being as wonderful as Leighton. I felt fear, because if there were any issues, I'd know what I needed to know with Ds. I felt sad because I'd take 10 Leightons if I could.

All in all, it eases my mind that we have 2 tests out of the way. But what about all the things you can't test for? What about Autism and ADHD? Or even worse... What about your child being completely typical all their life, even going to medical school for neurology, then dropping out and shooting 12 people in a movie theatre? You can't test for that.

To me, it just solidifies that these things are not in my hands. I have no control. They aren't planned. I can't make them test me or my baby for all the things that scare me to death in hopes of being prepared for anything. But I can protect my baby from unnecessary tests that won't prove much. I can make sure they will have the best life possible when they do join us in this crazy world.

I am glad that I have a wonderful husband to raise my kids with and family and friends that love us dearly. I am thankful that we can support our kids and give them a comfortable life, full of love and opportunity. I am constantly thankful for these blessings.

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  1. You have always been an amazing person & now you are an amazing Mom!


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