Milestones, smilestones

Lb is one month away from celebrating her first birthday! Time sure does fly when you're having fun. As you can see, she's a true gem and the happiest baby I've ever encountered. I keep telling J our luck can't strike twice as baby B squared will surely have horns.
Nonetheless, well love him(her) just the same.

Lb is a strong 19 lbs and in the 80th percentile for her weight. Now, that's on a chart for kids with Ds too. I really wish they'd give us a typical chart am I may just start asking for one. I understand why they do it. But in my opinion, I'm trying to stay away from the stereotypes as much as possible. Try, being keyword. I still find myself saying the phrase, "well its common for kids with Ds...." or something of that nature. It happens most when I am trying to validate why Lb is behind for doesn't do/have something that a typical kid her age does or has.

I have a few examples. There are coworkers, former coworkers and friends that all have kids very close in age to Lb. Some as close as a week apart. Others are around 2-3 months. I see pics on Facebook or hear the talk so proudly of the great milestones their kiddos are reaching, and I am genuinely happy for them. But, you knew it was comin.. Then I see Lb and she's its becoming more apparent to me what she isn't doing yet or doesn't have. When she was a baby, it was easier and she really hit most milestones on time. The older she he's, the slower they happen. I've heard this isn't uncommon with any baby, Ds or not.

I guess it's the protective momma bear in me. I love her just the way she is. I'll probably wish she wasn't crawling or walking everywhere soon enough... Or that she didn't have teeth when she bites me the first time. And hate that she won't let me brush her long beautiful hair; or when she starts pruning herself up and OUT of the crib.

Until then I just try to accept that she'll do it on her own time. So what of she's 11 months and the 8 month-ers are hitting their milestones quicker or have more teeth. I'll bet they also cry more, sleep less and don't have the captivating smile my Lb has!

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  1. You're going to worry no matter what because that is what mommy's do. But in my experience every child is different. All of my kids reached their milestones at different times. The 2nd and 3rd child did things much faster because they have their older siblings to watch and catch up too;) Leighton is so adorable and looks like she's doing wonderful in your pics!!

  2. I found with Russell he hit a slow patch in his development around the age of one...It just seemed like for months he didn't really do much...Then around 14 months he just exploded with a ton of new things...So ya, it's hard to be patient, and sometimes hard not to feel a tiny sting when you see kids younger doing more...But it will all come.

    LB has such a wonderful smile, she is precious :)

  3. Shona.

    You are the most beautiful and amazing mother in the Universe. Just reading your blog today really makes me realize that it doesn't matter what "normal" is.

    Normal is boring. Lb <3 is the most extraordinary Angel. I know you may see what the "other" kids do at her age/milestones. However, your Milestones are so much more unique and special. You may view this as more challenging but it is how you face your challenges that make you, Shona, ExtraOrdinary too. You will appreciate every single moment and you will realize that the wait is so worth it. Regardless how long it may take.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Louise.Gordon/anOther Mommy


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