Correction to last post

Well, it appears that the last date was an estimated error. I am measuring to be 11 weeks. Baby B squared will now be slated to arrive on Jan. 3rd! Yup... a slight bit earlier.

So, lesson here.. you CAN have a period and still be pregnant. Watch out folks. Just sayin.

I find it rather odd that they compare the baby in the womb to food groups to show the size. I mean it makes  sense because you can usually visualize the size but the fruits they use... like Kumquat, really? That was all that you could think of??

Anyhoo.. I am feeling much better and the sickness is nearly gone. Headaches are only on occasion. But BOY AM I TIRED!! Sheesh...

I'll keep posting and will update later on LB's first Fathers Day with the best Daddy in the world.

Until next time...

Our lil bean! 

Now our peanut! 


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